harley softail full tank bib

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Greetings ALL!

new to the forum, must say , fabulous! an encyclopedia of resources, if it isnt in here , it dont exist! hehehee

my project: Harley full tank bib

I need help with making a leather bonnet , bib for a harley softail, dual tank gas caps, really what I need is a template for a full bib cover from side to side on the tank, one of the hardest parts are to get the alignment of the gas tank filler caps, if any one has a template please let me know

any help would be appreciated!




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Hi Bob,

 I'm assuming you don't have access to the bike. What I do when I don't have access to a bike and I need a template I have the customer make me one out of paper and mail it to me.

If you do have access, grab a piece of paper large enough and get to making it. Its easy!

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