Leather dye and finish with kids

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We've tested out koolaid dyes on kids' work and that turned out pretty well. 

With kids projects, do you finish it with anything after that? I see low VOC acrylic finish from Tandy Leather. I'm wondering if painting the acrylic finish is the same level of risk as painting with plain acrylics. Is there anything else I should look at?

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I too have been looking for some kid safe products.  I have noted that Fiebeng's has a "School and Institutional" line of products, Springfield Leather's "Goof Proof" is something they claim to be safe for kids, but with all items, I'll have to pull up the MSDS before I give it a go ahead.

Beeswax should be a safe thing, and I suspect neatsfoot oil will be ok.  Looking to hear from others what they use for sure!


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