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I asked this on a different forum but I thought i'd stick it here too --


I make leashes and simple collars, many of my clients use service dogs and handle their dogs on a daily basis. Latigo and bridle leathers, occasionally bullhide. I train dogs and use my leashes every day. I don't currently include any leather/hardware care information with items I ship. I've been looking around online for information on how other makers instruct customers to care for their products as I'd like to start doing so. It seems like there's a wide variety of care instructions depending on where you look. A lot of the information is written anecdotally and I'm a little overwhelmed what to recommend in terms of cleaning and conditioning dog equipment that's used daily.  Can anyone share what they include or what they recommend? For the record, I personally have Bicks and Aussie on hand here, I've used Aussie longer but not partial to either. Saddle soap as needed too.


Thanks so much. Pic of one of my latest leashes - Christmas themed bridle leather/unglazed harness from W&C for a customer. 


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Very cool!

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"Care" is a contentious issue in some circles- depends on what level the customer "cares" about the product- is it a consumable or a luxury? Does the client need it long term or merely fashionable use?

My suggestion is to include a thank you note in the box/bag/container- Mid way in the note (in less than 30 words) express "How to care for your new leash." Limit the wording so you dont create a zombie. No one reads care instructions- but a thank you is always welcome!

I do this with all my knives- and it has been well received.

My 0.02, your mileage may vary- some assembly required, batteries not included... call your mother... yadda yadda yadda... you get the idea.


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