Getting a chisel scary sharp

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I just saw this video on sharpening woodworking chisels and thought some of his techniques apply to sharpening leather tools. I didn't check if someone already posted this video but I have not seen it before.

Worth the watch!


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Everyone develops their own techniques for sharpening, learned through various observations, lessons and experimentation. Thank you for sharing the video.

My note is not about the video, but about the title:

SCARY sharp, should not exist if you are using tools daily.

All of my blades (including axes) are really sharp andfit for purpose. The guy in the video would say scary sharp; I say properly sharp.

DO NOT TRY THIS: I am not suggeting or recommending this as a way to test blades... I can shave with all of those knives I have tried (keep the 10 in cooks knife away, as I cannot guide it around the chin without removing nose).

You cannot be scared of your blades or you will cut yourself. Get the proper tools properly sharpened for the job; too blunt they'll snag and jump - ooh bad cut there and the cut is jagged so healing's harder. Properly sharp, far less likely to snag, unless you are scared of it...

I know its semantics, but I once drove 20 minutes to a friend with a horror cut, where the tomato knife  had not cut the tomato, but had cut her hand. The ragged cut made fun cleaning and butterfly stitching, but she has just a light scar as a reminder. The knife was BLUNT so I sharpened it, and taught her how to handle sharp knives and keep them sharp... she had been worried that they were too sharp as she had kids in the house. That was a whole nother lesson.

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