Tips & Tricks

California Slim Jim Holster (pdf) by Jim Simmons Patterns

Holster Lessons (pdf) by Jim Simmons

Casing Leather (pdf) by Bob Park

Professional Edging Techniques  (pdf) by Bob Park

Beaverslayer's Vest Tutorial (pdf)

Beaverslayer's Hat Tutorial (pdf)

Make Bead Lines w/o a Beader Blade (pdf) by Rawhide

How to sharpen a head knife by Rawhide

Romey's Knife Sharpening Guide Part One   Part Two

Beaverslayer's Guide to Making Lace

Basic Holster Making

Hardening Leather Couir Boulli

Molding Workshop (mask & flower)

How to Use a Head Knife

Leather Thickness Conversion Chart

Merit Badge for Boy Scouts

Introduction to Carving

IFoLG Judging & Suggestions

Leather Disclaimer

So You Killed a Snake?

Chester Hape Saddle Pics

Verlane Desgrange's Strap Checklist (pdf required)

Sidney Wood Explains Turkshead Knots Part One  Part Two  Part Three (pdf required)

"The Technique"  color transfer and embossing by Billy 2-shews  (pdf required)


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