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I Should Start On That...

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When I walk into my studio... Ahahahahahahahaha! I love calling the spare bedroom where I keep my leather supplies and do most of my work my studio. Makes me laugh, the pretension of it! Moving on, the first thing I see when I step into the man cave is the book shelf with all the books on saddle making and leather working. Then there is my roll away tool box that I have all my leather tools and and some of the supplies. Scattered amongst all that is this project and that bits for that project. A giant bowie knife needing a sheath, a rope can needing covers, a badger pelt needing to be transformed into a sporran. Meanwhile I have done, started and completed too that is, several projects for other people. My own things languish on the bench around the room. Well that isn't exactly true. I never seem to run out of ideas of things I want to do for myself. Perhaps if I wasn't so prolific at thinking up new projects I want to try I would not have the daunting pile of things waiting and wanting my attention every time I walk into Manatopia. Well it is nice always having something to occupy my time and thoughts. Keeps me off the streets and out of bars... well off the streets anyway.

I hope that I get to meet other LW people at Wickenburg. It sounds like a real good time. I will wear my kilt so y'all know its me and can steer clear or come up and say howdy. I hope that the people staying at the Best Western aren't kept awake all night from the peacocks screeching! ;)

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