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Finally, A Good Day

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Today is the first day that I've felt good in two weeks. I blame part of that on the weather as we've had high winds most of that time; but I can't blame all of it there. Some of the blame goes to a back back problem that has bothered me for over 20 years. I have my good days, and I have my bad and when I have my good days I get a lot of leather worked on. So what am I doing? I'm sitting in my cluttered office typing remarks into my blog. Later, when my wife gets home from work I'll get her to carry my block of granite into the kitchen and put it on the counter so I can at least get something started today. I have several projects in mind to do, and in a bit I'll start looking through the many piles of junk and papers that are on the floor to the office and find my next design to draw up. I'd work in my workshop in the basement, but the table is in worse shape than the floor to the office, what with piles of stuff on it. I keep telling myself that I need to clear off the work bench so I can work, but so far I haven't gotten it done.While I am on my blog I would like to thank the "Yak Lady" with the many ideas that I can use for working with the 4H club in my area. She is just full of ideas and has one heck of a lot more experience than I do. She is also someone with whom I can call a friend and has helped my local guild out with classes, and when we are at the fair giving demo's, she is there, when she can make it, to help out. One of these days I hope to try one of her world famous yak burgers.I just received some bad news. Another weather frontal system is expected to hit my area in a couple of days, so I better get my leather pounding done while I can enjoy it. Living along the Front Range of the Rockies has it's bad points. I just wish that we could get some moisture along with the storms so we'll have some green grass for next summer, but all we get here is the wind.

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