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Very Little Leather Work Don In January

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Sitting at my computer reading postings in Face Book and Leatherworker.net, I thought back on all the leather projects I didn't do in January. I had great plans for whipping out several pictures, maybe a business card case or two and even clean my work bench. So much for all of my plans. Since the beginning of December when I finished the last of a series of coasters, and taught a class to my local 4H, I haven't done a thing. With February coming up tomorrow I think I'll get my pounding stone out and onto the kitchen counter and see about working on something. Even if it's a practice piece that gets me to using my new swivel knife I bought from Leather Wranglers back in September of last year. My son and I were discussing things for me to do and he recommend that I post some of my plans here in the blog. It's been a few days since I lasted posted, so I thought that that might be something to at least write about. I have, sitting either on the floor in a pile of stuff, or on my easy chair, in a pile of stuff, a drawing that I felt would look nice in leather. I think it's on the floor. Anyway, it is a still life picture of a couple of pumpkins sitting on a table along with some other fruit. It's not a busy piece of work, so it shouldn't be all that hard to do, but I've seen a few pumpkins that Peter Main did, and I wonder if I can do just as good a job on my pumpkin as he did on his. At least it's a start and it'll be something to take to my next 4H class and show off so the kids can see that there is more to leather craft besides billfolds.Another little project I want to do is a picture from a book by Jill Irish on Fairies. I need to practice doing faces and this would be one way to do it. There won't be much detail in the face, as they will be quite small, but I think I can add a little more detail to the nose and eyes than what is shown in the picture. There is another book I got for Christmas a couple of years ago that have drawings of deer and elk. The last time I did a deer it turned out to look more like a dog than a deer, so maybe by using these books I can at least show more structure in the face than other books I have. My local (40 miles away) leather guild wants to start making some items to be sold at a flea market. So that will be something else I can get involved with and make a small phone case or something. We plan on just making a bunch of little things and sell them. One of the other members has been going there for several weeks now and though he never sells everything he makes, he is doing quite well at it. It'll be at least something to do and keep me out of trouble. Now I just hope my back pain stays low key so I can at least do some of these things.Then there is IFoLG and the making of something for competition at the next show. On top of that there will be the Colorado State Fair that I'll be making another picture and wallet to be judged. So far there has been little competition as the fair is not that active as far as leathercrafting is concerned. I think there are a total of six or seven items turned in every year by local artists and the only one who has beaten me is a shoe maker. It's been awhile since I've gotten Best of Show at the fair. Lots of blue ribbons, but no B.o.S for a couple of years. Looks like I'll have to make a purse or something for this years show.As you can see, I have lots of plans for this year. Now I just have to get it all done and if I do, I'll be one happy person.

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I have no excuse for my lack of progress. The weather is good, my health is good, nothing to deter me. I even have a dedicated room and table to do create, but...

I have never been able to do faces or people. The Geronimo portrait I did came out looking like Jamie Farr after a bee sting to the face and he is going into anaphlatic shock! I'll stick to the non animal stamping and tooling from now on thanks. I once was told if you can't draw it you can't tool it.

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