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Work On Projects Is Started

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I have decided to get off my backside and get busy doing leather. I found a picture I'm going to do, it was on the floor in a stack of other things. This will be my first major project in a while, and I think it will be interesting. It's a still life with pumpkins, apples, and other fruit, all sitting on a rustic table. I don't think I'm going to hurry on this one and if it turns out nice, I might dye it.While I was in the mood to do leather work I hunted around for some scrap leather and found a fairly large piece that did the trick. I then measured out a half back pattern and cut a stencil out of some cardboard. Using this I cut several pieces, enough for my 4Her's first three projects and set this off to one side. There is still enough of the scrap leather to use for practice pieces for the kids to try out their new tools, especially the swivel knife. These I'll take with me to my next meeting near the end of the month. I need to go to the next general meeting to find out if the project books have come in yet, so I can get these to the kids. This will be next week.Something the "Yak Lady" did has sparked my interest. She posted in the forum a practice piece that she was working on, that was the heads of two fighting horses. After thinking about it, I think this would be a great project to do, if nothing more than to hone my skills; and boy do they need some work.While I was taking my afternoon rest, I was thinking about other projects I can work on and realized that I promised a museum some leather items that they can sell in their gift shop. They don't need it until May, but I still need to do some nice small items as time will get by me before I know it.Where I am located at, we are not being affected by the storm that is hitting the East Coast, but we are expected to get something over the weekend. So, I did my good turn and filled the bird feeder in the backyard. I know that's not leather releated, but it is something that I do and that's to help feed our feathered friends. Maybe some day I'll do up a small picture of some of the birds that feed there. We get mostly finches and sparrows, but once in awhile we get a blue jay.I'm glad to see that the blog section of Leatherworker.net is slowly becoming active. I just wish that some of the people who started something will continue posting. I do remember it took some time for LW to get popular and I think this blog section will be the same way. Until I can come up with better titles to my blog, later............

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The blogs hopefully don't have to be solely leather related. Well I figure best that I work leather, the blog is about me therefore the blog post is leather related.

I haven't seen a jay in such a long time. I miss them. We have mainly the sparrows, grackles, starlings, doves and gila woodpeckers. A few years back I was taking the trash out and I startled a roadrunner out in the alley. It probably was the last one I will see in the city but never say never. Since the weather here is so mild I think the birds come here to winter or stop over on their way further south. Birds are another item I won't attempt to tool. I need to take my sketch book to the wash and practice drawing the wildlife I see there. Since the college kids hang around in that area some of the wildlife is really goofy.

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