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So Far, So Good

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So far, so good; I haven't made any mistakes that I know of on my blogging skills. I went to the local 4H general meeting last night, and every time I go there I get more impressed with the program. Last night the kids received their project books so they can start on working on their respective tasks they signed up for. I felt that the books should have been available last month as if I had started working the leather section this month, the kids would be a month behind. As it is, I did start last month with the history of leather crafting and some of the tanning process. The kids then learned the different kinds of leather that is used, with cowhide being the primary source.My next class with these kids will be held in two weeks, and we'll start them off on their first of five projects. I'll teach them casing of leather, the drawing and transfer of the pattern, followed by how to use the swivel knive. After that they will use the next two tools in line and that is the cammo tool and the pear shader. I think they will find that their first project will be very easy to do with maybe the exception of the swivel knife.There will be time in the class period to start the second project and there they will use the same tools they used in the first project. The beveler will be the second hardest tool for them to grasp the concept of, but these kids are bright and I see no problem with them at all. After the beveler will be the veiner and at the present time I don't remember if the seeder is used on this project or not. I'll have to look into the book and confirm this as it's been awhile since I did so.Once the second project is covered, there might be time to start their third project, in which case they will learn how to use the backgrounder and then follow that up with the swivel knife again when they try to make their decorative cuts.I wish that I had the time to work with these kids more often, but right now I am stuck with one night a month to cover a lot of territory. We may be running our meeting to a couple of hours a night which means that there will be a lot of material shoved at them at once. At the end of this class I'll have the kids start looking into what they want to make for their first major project. Next month, if they don't finish project three at home, we'll finish that one up in the first hour. Then it's lacing time where they have to learn at least two types of lacing techniques. All of these kids have signed up for Unit 1 and Unit 2, but they can only get credit for one of those. I'm pushing for Unit 2, but they have to learn the tool useage from Unit 1. I have one kids who might have trouble using the swivel knife, but I think she can handle it; if not, she'll be finishing up with Unit 1.Their County Fair will be held this year in July, so there isn't much time to sit around goofing off. I've never been to a County Fair before, so this should be an interesting experience for all of us. In my class I have only one kids who this is his first year in the program. The other three have been in the program several years and know what to do. Seeing as how this is my first year teaching in the program I'll be leaning heavily on the older kids as well as their leader.In earlier posts I talked about my latest project and how it was coming. I can truthfully say that it is now past the planning stage and day before yesterday I drew up the pattern. Later today I'll cut the leather out that I need and, with any good luck, get it started this weekend. I do have to go to my BIL's 70th birthday bash, but I don't think I'll stay for the whole thing. Maybe we'll arrive late and stay long enough for the pizza and then sneak home.I think I've rambled on enough and it's time to get another cup of coffee and then go re-fill the bird feeder in the bbackyard. Those dang birds can empty it in three days.

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