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Distressed Leather Hides

Carroll Leather


With fashion and decorating trends changing daily, one trend that has been consistent for most of 2015 is the desire for distressed leather hides. This type of leather has always been a popular choice for western themed homes and cabins but is slowly catching on in the urban and contemporary styles. Distressed leather has become a diverse product due to the variety of colors it is offered in today. In the passed aged leathers were only offered in brown but today you can easily find shades of red, blue and gray. Having multiple color options for distressed leathers gives a completely different perception and an idea that it can be used for more than just western themed applications. Distressed leather is also diverse in the way that it is produced. The most common look is a crackle effect that portrays an aged or antiqued look, this effect is accomplished by adding oil or wax during the tanning process. In most cases the leather will continue to age over time but some leathers will not crack or break after use. Another type is a sanded or buffed look, this represent a more worn and used look and will usually seem more sophisticated than a crackled leather.

Distressed leathers can easily stand alone but also pair well with a decorative leather. Numerous saddle and furniture makers pair floral or gator print leathers with a crackled or sanded leather to create a beautiful rustic or western product. Carroll Leather offers a nice collection of distressed, aged and worn leathers from the finest quality cowhide.


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