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Locking Screw For Tippman Boss Shuttle



blog-0780955001441105470.jpgHi Guys I am from Sydney Australia and I am looking for a locking screw for a Tippman Boss Bobbin Shuttle, the head is stripped. The manufacturer only sell the complete shuttle which is cost prohibitive with postage costs to Australia converted to Au dollars. Have visited engineering, machine shows to no avail any help appreciated EV.


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Have no idea if this will help.

There is a outfit in Seattle, Washington, USA.

They might be able to assist.

If you know the thread pitch, length of screw, diameter of screw.

They may be able to locate one, when I was there last year, They helped with an old Necchi machine I rebuilt, seemed like they had bins and bins of parts.

Link- chholderby.com

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Kwosing, Thanks but can get that done in Sydney Australia at a price. Just disappointed that Tippman don't sell it as a spare part and only want to sell me the whole shuttle, postage to Australia is prohibitive. Would be cheaper buy the whole shuttle but only send the screw in the post.

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Thanks shoepatcher its for a tippman boss. I think its a 5/32 th thread but with a very very small head

Its getting to the point of paying for the complete shuttle set up and asdk them to send the adjustment screw only due to postage cost to Australia.

If you could help it would be fantastic.




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