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Schwegler Beats Leukaemia With The Help Of Football



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He said they have cancer is something that completely changes your life. This is especially true of Pirmin Schwegler and the message reaches its particularly harsh relatives - because young Pirmin was only 16 months old when diagnosed with leukemia.

"I'm too young to beat the disease, so do not really understand at the time," he said in an exclusive interview. A long and arduous struggle ahead for the child and family, but it was worth. Today is the 28-year-old, is a professional football player, captain of Bundesliga club Hoffenheim and even played in a World Cup ?.

At first they look like Schwegler survive. "In the first phase, which was very strong and hard, it was a matter of life or death," said the Swiss international, who 14 times for his country was capped reminders. Was given a chance of survival only ten percent, doctors pediatric ward of the University Hospital of Berne, Dr. Annette Ridolfi Luthy led, they fought to save the lives of young children. The chemotherapy was successful, but that was not the end of the battle.

In the following years, the midfielder had to go to hospital regularly for checkups. It was a childhood that was clearly very different from their classmates, and there was only one thing that helped him forget everything. "I loved playing football at the time. I could go on the field and I was part of a group. This was very important," the man said key Hoffenheim recalls.

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