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What's New in Fortnite Season 6 Map - Wailing Woods, Floating Island, Secret Lab, and More

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What are the map changes for Fortnite Season 6? In fact, all the Fortnite Season 6 map changes, which just like seasons prior, alters the map and gameplay components in fascinating and unique approaches. This article will stroll players through most map adjustments which have just been released with Season 6.


Upon consuming one particular of these Shadow Stones your character will become incorporeal for 45 seconds. You jump greater, you do not take fall harm, you move more rapidly and you handle like you are on ice (you skid and slide around as you now have really a bit of momentum behind your character). But that's not all, working with your fire button lurches you forward and makes it possible for you to pass by way of strong matter. That's correct, it is possible to zoom straight via walls and better, however, you may nonetheless pick-up guns, ammo, fortnite save the world items and interact with chests as you hover - not so silently - about. Finally, you could cancel the kind at any time by holding your aim-down-sights button for about a second.


I seriously wasn't sure what to get in touch with these, but I suppose Wraith Zones will do. They're one of several additional obvious modifications for the map, introducing seven zones around the map that have a strange purple runic symbol in their center which appears to bring about the surrounding land to wither and develop into barren. Interestingly every patch of land features a distinct symbol linked with it. These had been teased towards the finish of Season 5 once they appeared around the map seemingly out of nowhere. What this all indicates is anybody's guess, but I wouldn't be shocked if it's a hidden puzzle or even a set-up for an event and/or additional challenges. Not overly tricky to discover, pressing your map button will make their areas exceedingly obvious straight away.

What tends to make these areas on the map particular from every single other location on the map, even though, will be the particular products that spawn inside the vicinity on the rune. Feel Season 4's "Hop Rocks" but way cooler, opening up the capacity for some actually special and interesting plays.


Of course, there is a drawback to all of this exciting, you will be each unable to shoot and nevertheless vulnerable to bullets. For that reason, you have got no actual way of essentially killing anyone devoid of cancelling the type and cancelling the type incurs a smaller animation lock where it is possible to move, but not shoot, providing a conscious enemy the initial strike. That being stated, the kind is great for getting both the drop on somebody and evading fire as you are fairly speedy and jump quite higher, providing you the prospective to throw off yet another player's aim fairly properly. Just do not "dewraithify" right in front of their face should you consider they're able to aim.


Any individual who lands right here (and survives) will enjoy unparalleled mobility to just about any point around the map but the desert area (becoming so far away). The floating island is also the highest point around the map, giving a remarkable vantage point to survey your surrounding or snipe individuals from. Lastly, the loot within this location has been substantially increased with both the island and storm area obtaining rather a little of loot, albeit exposed to extra open air which you should really feel comfy with.


The third biggest alter to the map may be the revamp to Wailing Woods, namely the underground lab. The hedge maze which has survived a "pruning" for various seasons now has lastly received some adore. The floor from the hedge maze is merely a wooden floor painted green, breaking it open reveals a secret lab/bunker.


Jumping down here you'll see a really elaborate bunker and lab set-up. Replete with "sophisticated looking" computer systems, machinery, living quarters, offices, and storage regions. It definitely attempts to capture that "shady underground government laboratory" feel.


That's ideal, this secret lab below Wailing Woods is operating on generating artificial Rifts for travel. This really is also by far the most practical way of escaping Wailing Woods once you are completed there, as it teleports you outdoors no matter it becoming underground.

This alters to Wailing Woods will definitely be overlooked initially as its much more flashy and noticeable brethren steal the spotlight. Nevertheless, this really is a single from the cooler modifications towards the map, is so nicely concealed.


The huge floating island being held aloft by purple crystal and surrounded by a colossal waterspout may be the other instantly noticeable adjust for the map. The home that rested each so comfortably out in the middle of Loot Lake has gone from among the list of least trafficked and loot barren areas on the map to a veritable hotbed of aggression and loot.

The particular aspect about this new place could be the waterspout surrounding the island is essentially a rift that can be applied at any time and like lots of instances, a player feels like it. Jumping off the floating island will give you the selection to deploy your glider propelling you a little greater into the air. Jumping into the eye in the storm from the ground level will also fling you up into the air (engaging skydive mode) and you may deploy your glider to take you even greater, straight back up to the floating island even.


Though not as flashy because the above 3 adjustments for the map, the hilltop that overlooked Haunted Hills has received fairly a large upgrade. A gothic seeking castle has been constructed there that particularly overlooks the graveyard (Castlevania feels perhaps?). It contains a decent amount of loot and appears fairly damn cool, but otherwise, it has no unique features like the 1st two additions to the map.


The above three constitute the big changes to the map's design and locations, but not all of them. Wailing Woods has received a substantial upgrade, with a lot of homes being constructed inside the woods.


This tends to make landing right here infinitely more hospitable, as there is a great deal much more loot and cover. The houses themselves are of special design and style, getting substantial basement regions. This signifies rushing the secret lab isn't mandatory for surviving Wailing Woods, though it does make escaping it a great deal less complicated as a consequence of the Rift.

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A different change is the Stone Heads from Season five have already been removed as well.


With their removal also seems to be the Rift spawns as well, reducing the total variety of Rift on the map by quite a big quantity (they now congregate largely within the desert zone). The intention here is usually to possibly market working with the wraith form to travel around as opposed to Rifts now. It has also removed the chests present in these places also. Nevertheless, the Wraith Zones spawn them within an equivalent style towards the Stone Heads, after again diverting targeted traffic for the newer zones for both loot and travel.

That is about each of the adjustments towards the map that we've spotted so far. It is actually, however, really most likely you will find numerous, lots of a lot more minor alterations for the map which have been overlooked in the favor from the far more "flashy" changes towards the map.

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