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Fortnite Season 6: Several Things Were Introduced

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Fortnite Season 7 will arrive on December 6, which means Season 6 is over in a few days. Review the entire season 6, What things were introduced? Beneath we've linked our original breakdown of final season's newly introduced content. In addition, while waiting for the arrival of season 7, buy fortnite save the world weapons on u4gm to prepare for the challenges of the season 7.



It appears like we're capable to have a pet hanging out in our backpack now! So far only a dog, chameleon, and dragon happen to be revealed. Count on extra to be unlocked via the Battle Pass or pop up inside the Item Shop because the Season progresses.

Shadow Stones

Dotted around the map are "Corrupted Areas" and it really is in these spots exactly where you are going to probably stumble upon Shadow Stones. Consume a single and it grants you invisibility to get a quick period, even so, you will not have the ability to shoot or move for that matter. Attempt and shuffle along and you are going to leave a ghostly trail behind you that'll let players know specifically where you are situated. You happen to be invisible so long as you stand nevertheless, which tends to make it an even stronger version of the humble "hide in bush" technique.

Having said that, you do obtain a brand new potential named "Phase" which may be activated by pressing the Main Fire button. This propels you within the direction you happen to be facing and enables you to pass by way of objects. This impact dispels immediately after 45 seconds but can be exited even earlier by holding the Alt Fire button (aim down sights).

Updated Map

Alterations have occurred all over the map. Islands are floating, crops increasing and all the things look that far more Halloween. Here's a list from the new places:

  • Floating Islands
  • Corrupted Places
  • Corn Fields
  • Haunted Castle
  • Battle Pass

As per usual, the Season 6 Battle Pass charges 950 V-Bucks and contains over one hundred new products to unlock over the course in the season.

Once again, we'll present far more detail as soon as the servers are back online and we can have a look at all of the new juicy loot.

Balance tweaks and much more

For a full list of all of the weapons, products and gameplay tweaks make sure you head on more than to the official Season 6 Patch Notes page. It really is quite exhaustive, so prepare your self!

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