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How Can You See Ping in Fortnite Battle Royale

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Fortnite requires lightning rapidly reactions to win in Battle Royale. So ensuring you get your settings and ping correctly is crucial. Nonetheless, gamers often complain about a prevalent concern: latency lag issues, measured as ping. Seeing your ping in-game can, therefore, be a useful tool, so how do you see what your ping is in Fortnite?

What is latency in online video games?

Latency is the time it requires for your console to send data towards the Fortnite server and back to your device. Latency is measured in milliseconds (ms), so a 100ms ping speed indicates it requires 100 milliseconds for your console to respond to the Fortnite server.

Gamers want low latency or ping to achieve smoother gameplay and responsive user expertise. A ping price of far more than 1000ms could lead to glitches and annoyingly slow gameplay.

That is, in addition, frustrating in games like Fortnite where timing is vital. In summary, time lags from high latency make gaming drastically significantly less entertaining. A superb web connection with fast upload and download speeds might not be enough to maintaining latency low. You'll be able to have a pretty fast connection and even an extremely rapid console and nevertheless terrible expertise ping.

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How to see your ping in Fortnite:

Fortnite's settings, luckily, permit players to alter the choices to find out their ping. Seeing ping is usually essential to understand should you are experiencing lag. You could then decide to either wait out a game till your ping returns to normal or can point towards why you're experiencing lag.

To determine your ping in Fortnite, check out the settings menu and scroll towards the Game tab. The scroll for the Matchmaking Region as well as your ping will then seem after the server place.

And also you can visit the Game tab in settings and head to HUD for a continuous feed of what your ping. You can see the ping status of one's server by turning on the Net Debug Status.

How to get better ping:

You'll find several different issues you can do to enhance your in-game ping in Fortnite.

1. Configure your Router - Reboot your Router and investigate your distinct brand's optimsiation settings

2. Verify your bandwidth - If your internet connection has Steam, Origin, YouTube, Twitch or other data-hungry apps open, your ping could be noticeably higher.

3. Restart your game - Turn it off and on once again. You'd be amazed at how normal it functions.

4. Make sure the issue isn't your FPS - The hardware you are running might not be capable of taking care of the game appropriately. If that is the case, verify your settings on Mac, Computer, iOS or Android against Fortnite's minimum specs. 

5. Forward your device's ports - Put simply, port forwarding can resolve a lot of connection difficulties gamers face. 

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