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Does There Need to Be A Change to Fortnite's Battle Bus

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At the beginning of each match in Fortnite Battle Royale, players jump from the Battle Bus and then drop ever near their favorite places, but could it be improved?

The transport bus is attached to a massive balloon and moves across the complete map in the begin of each and every game, allowing players to jump from it and begin their hunt for any Victory Royale. 

Even so, some Fortnite players believe that by making one particular straightforward adjust, Epic Games could make Battle Royale mode an entire lot greater. 

Inside a post for the Fortnite BR subreddit, Issabot8 has proposed that the Battle Bus' routes ought to take a various direction so that you can enable players to quickly reach places that they could possibly not generally commence at - due to their distance from the bus. 

"The Battle Bus really should turn about a 40-degree angle each game. This change could spread players around the map" the Reddit user posted, as well as the diagram which could be located below. 


"It could also make it simpler to travel to farther places in the Battle Bus, instead of arriving at a location with not considerably time to loot" they added. 

Aside from aesthetic tweaks, there hasn't been lots of changes towards the Fortnite Battle Bus since the game was very first released in July of last year. Would this make life a bit less difficult for Fortnite players? 

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