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Fortnite: What's the Easiest Way to Get Creative Mode Coins on Featured Islands

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Fortnite's Overtime challenges went live recently, and that implies you'll find additional goodies to finish, and if you complete 13 of them, you even have the chance to get the Season 8 Battle Pass for free. Here's where to collect coins in Creative Mode rapidly and quick in Fortnite. Also, don't forget that the cheap Fortnite Items also on sale at U4GM.com.

First, it's worth noting that you don't have to collect all 15 coins in just one Creative Mode featured map. You'll be able to gather 15 across all of the unique Featured Maps at the moment obtainable within the game.

How to Play Featured Islands in Creative Mode in Fortnite & Collect Coins

The first thing you may need to accomplish is to set your 'Game Mode' to 'Creative.' You could do this from the lobby screen by pressing Square on PS4, X on Xbox One particular, Y on Switch, or simply changing it with your mouse on Computer.

As soon as you have loaded up the Creative lobby and hopped into this mode, it is best to see anything just like the screenshot down under.


These blue rifts would be the Featured Creative Mode maps which at present include 10 Gold Coins each. We've hopped into a bunch of them to find you the quickest and easiest Coins to collect in Creative Mode in Fortnite.

Where to Find Creative Mode Coins Fast & Easy

No matter whether or not this can be a glitch, we're not confident, but there's an extremely simple approach to get Creative Mode coins in Fortnite for the Overtime challenges.

All you may need to accomplish is head for the Creative Mode island in Fortnite and appear out for the 'Move!' featured map by 'tollmolia.'

Here, you'll be dropped into an obstacle course of sorts, but the finest component is, you will discover about 5 or 6 Creative Mode coins proper at the starting which can be incredibly uncomplicated to acquire. Verify out screenshots under.


The very first with the coin place we spotted on this map is suitable in front of you, as shown inside the screenshot above.


Undergo the doors past the first Creative Mode coin on Fortnite's 'Move!' map, and you'll see a different three just waiting to be snagged.


Continue slightly further, and you will need to navigate some bouncy tires on narrow poles. Should you touch the ground, you die here, so be precise with your movement. Grab this one particular, and then drop down onto the bounce pad and that's yet another two Creative Mode coins, taking your total up to six off one run.

After you have got these the very first time, hit the menu button and pick the 'Leave Match' option. Then begin a Creative Mode server after more and after that head back into the 'Move!' rift once again. Gather identical coins, and they'll go towards the challenge. Rinse and repeat three occasions, and you will have completed this Overtime challenge in Fortnite.

There you may have an extremely quick and effortless solution to get the 15 Coins in Featured Creative Mode maps in Fortnite for the Overtime challenges.

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