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    Mostly making belts but would like to start making Leather Mugs

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    Nothing specific a little bit of whatever!!!
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    Whatever I can in the Little time that I have left!! would really like to learn how to make Leather Mugs that cauld be used for either cold or hot drinks!!
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    I was actually a member many years ago and was a Life Member of the iilg

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  1. Hello Bladegrinder, Yes it has become a Very bad place to live!! It was a nice place when I mover here but now it has been overrun by crime & drugs!! In the last 4-5 years there has been 5 shootings on my street 3 right in front of my house!! Where does your brother live?? Take Care!! Bill
  2. Hello FlyingMonk!! Fantastic spreadsheet How could I download it?? Thanks In Advance!! Bill
  3. Hello Dwight, Not only is this a Very nice design but the stitching is also very nice!! Dwight if possible I would very much like to get the Pattern for this and what type of machine did you use to stitch it?? Also what leather did you use!! The dye job looks excellent as well!! Thanks in Advance!! Bill
  4. HELLO BLADEGRINDER!! 1979!! I Moved in with my Future wife in 1979 and have been in the same house ever since even thought My Wife passed away 20 years ago this past April!! I have been in and out of working with leather since I started in the early 70's and I wonder how good of a Leather Crafter I would have made if I had kept up with it!! In 2006 two years after my Wife passed away I was fortunate enough to come out of my Twilight Zone to attend the IFoLG"s 2006 Leather Show that was cosponsored by the iilg and held in Butler Pa it was an AMAZING SHOW!! It was an Amazing experience and I met so Many Amazing Leather Artist!! Saddly so many of them have since passed away!! Where in Fl are you?? Take Care!! Bill
  5. HELLO!! KENNER!!! Ken I would first want to say to you that I am VERY SORRY!! that it looks like No One replied to your post back in January!!! I have been away from pounding leather for a Very Long Time!! The reason I am messaging you now is that Way back after my Wife passed away suddenly April 30th 2004 in my depressed state of mind I wasted a LOT!! of money on ebay buying Leathercraft tools and in order to get the one or two tools that I needed I had to buy sets so I have a Lot of extra tools that I need to sort through!! Unfortunately to get the tools I had to bid high so I over paid for a lot of them!!!! I know I will never recover the money I wasted but I would like to get a fair price as many of the tools were made in the early days of Tandy and some are actually Stainless! Some are pre letter prefix but all are steel not Zink!!! I am now in the process of trying to go through everything and trying to organize both my tools and my work area!! Do you have any idea of what tools you are looking for just let me know!! Take Care Bill
  6. casull45450


    Hello Everyone, A very long time ago after my Wife passed away I spent a lot of money buying leather tools!! One of the tools I was trying to acquire was a set of the Boy Scouts Woods Badges and I actually found someone that had two complete sets for sale and I bought both of them!! Unfortunately I fell back into a deep state of depression and a long time passed before I opened the packaged only to find out that both sets were missing the Eagle Stamp!! So now I am looking for at least one Eagle to complete one set!! Does anyone have or know of someone that has an Eagle at a Reasonable Price!! Your help Will be Greatly Appreciated!! Thanks!! Bill casull45450
  7. Hello Bruce Johnson Bruce are you sure Ron Ross is still alive?? I have been trying to reach him without having any luck?? Thanks
  8. HELLO!! I have just recently rejoined this group!! I was a member way back when it was first created but have had many setbacks... I had attended the 2006 IFoLG show in Butler Pa and met many nice people there some of whom have passed away!! I am hoping to get back to pounding leather along with making other items working with Leather!! If any members are in the Philadelphia & Delaware County areas that would like to share info Please contact me!! I am in Upper Darby!! Take Care Bill
  9. Hello Alex T How did you make out with the problem with the bobbin!! Did positioning the tab correct the problem?? Take Care Bill
  10. Hello Everyone!! I have listed on ebay ID freedom454 some Solid Granite Pieces that will make Terrific Tooling Surface's for tooling Leather.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/SOLID-1-5-8TH-034-THICK-GRANITE-TOOLING-SURFACE-FOR-LEATHERCRAFT-PRIORITY-SHIPPING-/121511685041?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT I can get them in a USPS Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box and if someone were to buy both I could get them both in one box making the shipping on the second one Free!! I also have some other Much Larger slabs if anyone is in need of a Larger Work area!! I will post some photos... The Measurements are shown in the photos and are L - W & Weight so the 1st photo is 24"L x 14"W & weight is 55lbs I also have some other tools listed there for anyone that interested?? Thanks!! Bill Miles
  11. HAPPY NEW YEAR KEN!! and to everyone else as well!! I have been surfing ebay for a long time (1999) and i have seen leather tools sell for a wide range of prices.. Because of today's economy they don't bring as much as they did say 5-7 years ago however the really good tools like Krebs, Randall, Landis and so on still bring top dollar but ebay is an odd forum.. I have seen the Landis 30 listed with a starting bid of $400.00 and no one bids on it then one is listed a week later and a bidding war starts on the used dirty machine and it sold for $1,250.00 this was about a year ago. On average they sell on ebay for anywhere between $600 to $950 but this is for a used machine that may or may not work correctly when you receive it and will most likely at the very least have to have the blade sharpened.. If you were to call any of the major companies that sell used machinery to buy a rebuilt machine it could run you up to $1,950.00.. Your original price for the rebuilt Landis 30 was VERY Fair!! Now a couple of questions?? How much time on average does it take you to redo a machine.. How much would you charge to refurbish one for someone else?? And finally how about making a youtube video on how to use and adjust the machine along with how to properly sharpen the blade and installing it in the splitter Have a Very Safe, Happy & Prosperous New Year!! Bill Miles
  12. Hi Kevin, Photos of what you are selling would help a lot??? Thanks.... Bill
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