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  1. Thanks for the information! This will definitely come to mind when ever I think about purchasing my first tools, sets, and leather.
  2. That is a great way of explaining it!
  3. Okay! Thanks. Thanks! Okay! You have been a big help lately! Okay! Thank you, man! Thanks!
  4. So, I don't know much about Leatherworking, because I am very new to it, but I still wanted to be helpful. So, I used ChatGPT to at least try to answer your question. You’re on the right track with your thinking! The leather pieces sewn under the fleece onto the leather of the skirting serve several purposes: Support and Reinforcement: These leather pieces provide additional support and reinforcement to the skirting leather, which helps prevent stretching and distortion over time. This is particularly important in areas that experience significant stress and wear. Protection: The extra leather layers help protect the skirting leather from the abrasive action of the horse's movement. By absorbing some of the friction and pressure, they help extend the lifespan of both the fleece and the skirting leather. Shape Maintenance: They help maintain the shape and structure of the saddle skirt. The additional thickness and stiffness provided by these pieces help the skirt retain its form and fit better against the horse’s body. Distribution of Pressure: The added layers help distribute the pressure more evenly across the horse’s back, enhancing the saddle's comfort and reducing the risk of pressure points that can cause soreness or injury to the horse. Durability: By reinforcing the areas that are most prone to wear and tear, these leather pieces contribute to the overall durability and longevity of the saddle. By understanding these purposes, you can better appreciate the importance of these components in the construction and functionality of the saddle. Good luck with your refleeing project! Sorry if none of this helps.
  5. Are Exacto knives good for leatherworking?
  6. Thanks. Noted. As I was walking around some vendors for July 4th today, I noticed a leather "provider" or what ever you call it. He was selling Authentic Leather. He also sold belts, wallets, and other things made out of leather. Would any of those things be helpful? Thanks! I will have fun! Thanks for the help, everyone!
  7. Thanks! This set will really help me out! I am planning on purchasing it soon. It seems to be at a good price, with good reviews. It also seems to have a good amount of items. Thanks for the tips! Thanks! I will definitely try to stop by some of those suppliers! Okay! Thanks!
  8. I'm completely new. 1. Amazon.com: PLANTIONAL Leather Working Tools for Beginners: Professional Leather Craft Kit with Waxed Thread Groover Awl Stitching Punch for Leathercraft Adults Gifts 02 2. Amazon.com: TLKKUE Leather Tooling Kit Leather Craft Tools Leather Working Kit with Custom Handbag Cutting Mats Engraving Punching Sewing Stamping Sanding Tools Leather Tools for Leather Working Professional 3. Amazon.com: Leather Craft Tools, 60 Pieces Leather Working Tools and Supplies with Storage Bag Cutting Mat Prong Punch Groover Edge Creaser Stamping Carving Knife Awl Hammer for Leather Craft Making DIY Sewing If none of these are good, do you guys have any recommendations? Thanks! -Mason
  9. I just thought it looked pretty interesting. I was wondering how I could make one of these.
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