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  1. Need advise on a needle and thread combo for sewing vinyl seat upholstery material, my machine is a Cobra class 18 thanks Clint
  2. This tool will cut the width of the lace, split the lace and bevel the lace, this tool is made for thin veg. tan hides and raw hides such as kangaroo, goat, deer, calf... it will also cut chrome tan hides and most other THIN leathers. It is made of aluminum and brass; it uses utility blades for the splitting and beveling and #11 hobby blades for cutting the width of the lace. It can bolt directly to your work bench (1/4’’ x 20 tpi) or bolt to a board and clamped to your work bench. This tool has an aluminum 3" main body and a brass 1" main bar, 3/8" brass blade holder, 3/8" brass width cutter adjustment bar, stainless steel lock down bolt, stainless steel hardware. It comes with three utility blades and three #11 hobby blades The price is $300 USD plus shipping you tube videos of tool in action: 1)https://youtu.be/S-OkBmOOMlY 2)https://youtu.be/KUy9FElEDeI 3)https://youtu.be/1KNLqf5fHbc
  3. WhiteBuff

    Lace Maker

    I have the price down to $300.00 USD, best i can do. thanks Clint clintsims@gmail.com 254-396-3011
  4. Ok thanks, I'm just having trouble with dropping stitches on sewing 4 pieces of 6 oz leather, I increased the stitch length and dropped the needle down about 1/6" but still not consistent
  5. What is the proper needle for leather on the class 4, they sent me 794 S style needles, does the "S" stand for spear point ? Is that for cloth? thanks Clint
  6. Ok, I tried a thinner work piece aproxx. 1/4" and the bobbin thread is being pulled more than half way up almost to the top, it still sounds like it's dragging and fraying the string.
  7. My cobra is not letting me sew a knife scabbard , it is very thick between 1/2" and 5/8" , not sure what's going on, 200 needle 277 thread, it is not picking up the bobbin and pulling the top thread in half, dropping over half of the stitches, please help. thanks Clint
  8. Ok Guys thanks for the info, went by the chart and added just a little tension to the top and she's rocking!! the knot is dead nuts in the middle. thanks Clint
  9. Ok Guys i had a #21 needle with 138 thread, that does not match the chart, so I'm changing to see the results, I'll report back thanks Clint
  10. Ok thanks I'll try these ideas, is there a chart or some kind of guide for needle and thread compatibility ? thanks Clint
  11. Can't get my machine to pull down the stitches on the bottom side of the work piece, they are staying on the top of the leather, I have tried everything , please advise!!!!
  12. Hi,

    I now ride off for some time with your tool for cutting and Splitten.Es is a really good tool, but with the Beveln of fine (2mm) strings I have problems from time to time, but it is perhaps also a matter of practice.

    Greetings from Germany

    Arno &

    (Werner from Austria)

  13. Hello Arno, contact me at clintsims@gmail.com i can send info and pics thanks Clint
  14. WhiteBuff

    Lace Maker

    $350.00 i will buy the shipping in the USA
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