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    I like spending time in the nature, picking berries, mushrooms and sometimes I fish with my son. Swimming is nice, I scuba dive too, it´s like meditating.. too seldom though. I guess Im going through some mid life, want to do everything!!!

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  1. Hi Alex! Your back pack is beautifull, I especially like the colours that you chose! Since you live in Moscow, I have a question. I live near Viborg, just across the border from Svetogorsk, on the Finnish side. I have always thought about looking for vegetable tanned leather from the Russian side. Where do you get your leather from? Are there leather suppliers in Moscow? I have some Russian friends from Saint Petersburg that can help me out with the language.
  2. I just got a sudden urge to clean up my space after seeing all the organised work spaces! It’s my sons room and it’s conveniently right next to the kitchen with our wood stove giving off nice warmth. I share it with my husband, the guitar builder/fixer pickup maker, even though he’s got an other work room in the basement. It’s nicer to work above the ground. The fun part is that we see Russian log trains run by right outside the window! Oh, and I’m convinced that the high table is the best thing that has happened to my back, no more sitting down for me!
  3. Hey mikesc! Thank you for the elaborate explanation, there was a lot of good information in it. It seems that one has to be some sort of a chemist when working with leather! New things arise every now and then! I’ve worked a lot with the resist before but have never had this buildup happen. Maybe the reason was that I was so hasty and didn’t let the glue, nor the leather dry enough between the different steps. Tomorrow I’ll try the micro fibre cloth since ammonia is still and again one of those chemicals that is not on sale in stores here. The land of restrictions! I think it had something to do with moisture since I was repainting a guitar strap that was already sewn with 3 layers of leather, I used quite a large amount of dye and wet the leather. the moisture must have seeped through after I rubbed in the finish coat and reacted with everything. Tomorrows an other chance to fix what needs fixing, thanks again and a good night to you all!
  4. Well We call it milk glue. Its a white rubbersement type natural glue that I use for resist technique when I dont want dye to go on to certain areas OR i want to leave parts of the leather undyed. It smells like ammonium but I don’t know what the English name for it is. Did I explain this ok?
  5. Hmmm, Thanks, gotta go try that one out right now.. Noop, I blow dryed it, the gunk just swivels around and the film is not sticky but makes like a mat graysh level on to the surface. next suggestion...? Ive got that vodka bottle and an asetone Bottle on the shelf, should I TaKe a risk?
  6. So, I’m just buffing off my work with some wool after applying some not so high quality wax and I’ve got this buildup on top of my work and it’s just getting worse the more I rub it!! I’ve used some ‘milk glue’ on the piece and after I also applied some angelus dye! Now I think some of the rubber glue solved it self on top of the leather and it’s just making a mess! I’m afraid to do anything at the momen so I dont destroy the whole work!! Any good suggestions? ’
  7. Well, I think the customer sees himself as a bison, and it’s got my stare at the moment! Hah! thanks! I still haven’t downed the bottle!
  8. Hey, thanks you all! I’ve encouraged my husband to finally start welding a good moonshine machine in to the living room so I could get my alcohol without a hastle.........Only kidding!! Seriously, I’m still dipping into the same booze bottle at the moment but will surely look in to the freezer method and the denaturated bit..ugh, all this running around before Xmas! But it’s Christmas party time on Saturday so I’ve got to figure out some new solution for Monday! Below, my newest strap, the customer wanted a mermaid and a bison so this is what I came up with! Happy happy to all!
  9. Thanks Archer and Alpha. We have These stupid restrictions in Finland that its real hard to buy denaturated alcohol without a permit. I still have to look in to it before I drink the bottle!
  10. Omg Sam! I’m so surprised that someone knew! Yes you can send me the link and the lady said in spanish that her Son will try to call me! The colours must be a well kept secret.... do you know what they are really used for? Oh, and Madrid is really too Far to go to!
  11. Just tried phoning to spain and they answered! I got my self nearly understood, but the y said they’d call me back as soon as they get someone who speaks English!
  12. I bought this dye whilst backpacing in Spain since I couldn’t carry liquids. Some local leather worker tipped me off. All I understood was that it’s soluble in alcohol so I tried it out and BOY WAS I AMAZED!!! The colours are vibrant and sink in to the leather just like the dyes I’ve always used, Narv and Angelus. The parcel that each colour comes in is small about cm and the pigment is in small granuals or powder depending on the colour. I bought it from Madrid, from an art shop and for the likes of me, can’t remember the name or where!! My sis, who speaks Spanish has tried to locate it for me, can’t find any art supplier that carries it. The solvent I’ve used is 60 proof vodka! As you can see, the work next to the parcel has great colour that mixes well together! Also I don’t have to inhale the acetone. Now, my problem is that I don’t know how to order more, because the phone doesn’t answer and there is no brand name!! All suggestion are welcome!
  13. Thank you Richard! Its really hard when not oriented to sales. Ive looked for help on this area, not really getting any. I guess I need to take time off just getting my sales act together! Thanks for your answer! Katariina
  14. Hi! So ive been at this for 10 years. Ive got my Facebook Mikki House page and ive got over 700 followers. I just cant decide on how much to charge. My customers are mucicians. Im expanding my product line to tobacco pouches and Rock Chick bags..(still not even drawn yet...So im going to show you a couple of picks and you all can comment on how much I could charge for these. I make unique straps and custom orderd straps. I usually charge 150euros for someone who orders something speciffic from me. Other wise they cost about 100e. Im not even going to talk about the time spent :)...If you feel, id appriciate some guidelines. thanks!
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