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  1. ‎*For Sale* Very nice old W. Rose and Gomph round knives. Great knives, get and stay sharp. Gomph measures 5 1/2" tip to tip. Rose measures 5 1/4" tip to tip. Hard to find these make of knives in these sizes. $270 each or I will cut you a deal if you take them both. Buyer pays shipping. Feel free to give me a call @ 406.672.1398 if you have any questions, sometimes that is easier than over the forum. Thanks, Ross
  2. Never had anything but great service and products from Infinity. Always made me PROOF it if before they made it.
  3. It depends on what you use it for. Rough out side of saddles it works pretty good. I would recommend using a blow dryer to warm it up and it will penetrate better. It has a tendency not to soak in very well if not warmed. Don't use it on tooled leather it gets down it the cracks, and it's so gummy that it is hard to even scrub out with a brush. IMO Ross
  4. Use a lubricated thread, or you might have to small of a needle for the thread size. That would result in the hole being to tight, and cause you work to jump occasionally. Just a couple things to think about. Ross
  5. Bill, There are no hard feelings between you and me. Be sure of that. Again I am not trying to start a fight, I just don't want the advertisers to get frustrated, leave and go elsewhere. According to Chief,at the top of the page, Barry has tried to e-mail the individual with the information , and perhaps its being resolved. Thank you for trying to help the gentleman from Germany. Ross
  6. My point is that Barry King, as well all the other advertisers on this web site, pay the BILLS for this site. Barry runs a fine business and makes a fine tool for a very affordable price, and I do not believe that his customer service should be called into question when he didn't respond over a holiday weekend. To do that is an over reaction. I am not trying to start a fight, however this is not he first time that people have gotten on their keyboards, and gave one of the sponsors of this website a undeserved poor rating. Whining does not keep business honest. Honest business owners keep their business honest, and Barry King is a very honest man. Ross P.S. If you get on www.barrykingtools.com there is a link to a Contact page no matter were on the site you are. His e-mail and phone number are clearly advertised.
  7. There is a contact page on Barry's website, and it has ALL of his contact info. I call him frequently, but since it is a machine shop sometimes with the equipment running they can't hear the phone. He is very willing to to sell to ANYONE. Or you can order directly off the internet. Please DO NOT publicly diss the very people that sponsor this forum, their money PAYS the bills. Barry is a great business man and a long standing friend of many people here, and when the comment is that "he doesn't appear willing to do business" he might take his money and advertise elsewhere. I have seen this happen to other sponsors of this forum and frankly, I am sick of it. Bad press on the internet is very hard to get rid of. If you have a problem maybe it's best to be quiet and order from someone else. Ross
  8. It is built into the tree that way. It is called a Guadalajara Horn cap. Just talk to your tree maker on the specific dimensions that you want. Ross
  9. A lot of times Hermann Oak skirting will do that the first time you get it wet. It just happens, and it's really not a big deal. I have a bigger problem with it than other people since I use city water in my shop. I have other saddle maker friends that use use the well water that they have outside of city limits and it doesn't seem to be as bad for them. There are a lot of things that can affect it, I have a terrible time with fingerprints. I can wash my hands thoroughly with soap and water, grab a wet piece of leather and fingerprint it to the point the I have to oxalic acid it. The only thing that I can attribute it to is that maybe the oils in my skin are different than other people's. Not sure. The point being, it's no big deal, just fit your piece, stamp it, put it in, and don't acid it until you are ready to put a finish on it. Its best not to acid it more than once. Hope that helps. Ross P.S. I have never used lemon juice, there is something about that, that makes me kinda run backward. Oxalic acid is what I prefer.
  10. Shoot me a pic,Tyrel. I have one of Wayne's basket stamps and I really like it. If it's not the same one that I have already, you got a trade. Ross LOL It made me snort and prick my ears forward a little bit to, Ken. Ross
  11. Somebody get some pictures of the saddle contest, please. I won't be able to make it this year. Time slipped thru my fingers. Ross
  12. Don't buy cheap tools. Don't do it period. It will only cost you more in the long run and make you cuss at all the heartache and misery they bring. Barry King make a very nice Basket Stamp for I think $45. While that might seem like a lot up front, the fact is that they will last you a life time. The stamp is cleaner, sharper and far easier to run than a cheap tandy tool. And after you spend the 10 bucks or whatever it is to buy the tandy tool and ship you will still end up buying the King tool. I've had a Barry tools that I bought 15 years ago and it still works as well as when it was new and I use it a LOT. At $45 a year for 15 years that $3 a year. And I make far more off of it than that in a year. My two cents. Ross
  13. Sorry man, it's basically a brand new tool. It's all of 6 months old. Wayne said he'd take it back on trade for full price, I just figured that someone here might want it. Good tools are worth more money, that's just all there is to it. Ross
  14. I am selling this box stamp that was made by Wayne Jueschke in Elko, NV. His name is very clearly marked on the stamp. It's a great stamp, and it in new shape, I just don't really use it very often. Maybe someone here will. They sell for $85 plus shipping new, but I will sell this on for $85 and I will pay the shipping. Thanks, Ross
  15. Clint Fay does lessons last time I checked. I no longer have his phone number but the guys down at Kings Saddlery probably would. Clint is a great stamper and teacher, he helped write the Sheridan style carving book: My link Don Butler at the Custom Cowboy Shop might be willing to help you out. The store is pretty much closed anymore but if you catch him down there he might let you in to talk and ask questions. You might ask at Kings to they would know. Ask Jim Jackson, their head stamper, does incredible work. Hope that helps.
  16. I have gotten to the point were I won't even work on something as sorry made as that. Ain't worth the time. Unless you get a custom order out of the deal, but most of the people that ride that junk couldn't care less...... Ross Brunk
  17. There is nothing wrong with the coloring of your saddle. It is not stained or discolored. It is showing patina. As leather ages it tends to darken on wear spots ie. were you legs are rubbing. It looks great, and it shows that you have been riding it. There is no way to prevent leather from doing this. Period. Patina on a saddle is a a natural process that gives a saddle character and makes it looks good. I like to see older saddle come into my shop. Saddles that show that they have been ridden a lot of miles. It give them character. If everybody else in the show ring is doing it black, then be different. Stand out. Look better. That's my opinion. Ross Brunk Northern Range Cowboy Gear Billings, MT
  18. RWB

    Wade Tree For Sale

    This is a Bowden tree that I have for sale. $280.00 plus shipping. Thanks for looking and if you have any questions just shoot me an e-mail or give me a call. Thanks, Fork 9" Wade 5" Front to Back Horn 3 1/4" Tall Wood post 3 1/2" Cap Seat 15 1/2" Gullet 6 1/2" Front 4 1/4" Back 7 3/4 Tall 90 Degree Bars Cantle 4 1/2" Tall 11 1/2" Wide 406-672-1398 ross@nrcowboygear.com Thanks, Ross Brunk
  19. That is unfortunate that you guys have had trouble with you Artisan 3000's. I have one and love it. It is incredibly consistent, and I have run literally miles of strap work through it as well as about 25 saddles. The only time it takes a bad stitch( ie skipped stitch, broken thread) is when I did something wrong. Maybe I have the only one that works right, I don't know. The only thing I hate about mine is the short arm. If I were to buy a similar machine I would go to Steve at Cobra. He seems to be very helpful and interested in quality control. If a guy can find a consistent single needle machine that seems like a far easier route than a hook and awl, to me any way. But it is tough to beat one of the older machines. I just hate to be a machine mechanic. Ross
  20. 13-15 oz #1 sides from HO are still plenty heavy with-out any fall off. Haven't had a problem here................. Ross
  21. Looks great, Terry. I can't wait to try it out. And you will probably sell quite a few of that pattern. I love that gomph for skiving as well as detail work. The handle shape on that gomph rocks, too. It just fits your hand really well. I'll give you a call after I try it out. Ross
  22. RWB

    14" Wade Saddle

    I have one that you might be interested in..... Probably the best thing to do would be to give me a call about it. That way it is a little easier to talk about all the particulars of the saddle. My phone # is 406-672-1398. I will PM this message to you as well. Thanks Ross Brunk
  23. Very nice, Ty. Looks really good. Hopefully he won't tip a horse over on it for at least a few rides. Ross
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