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  1. Good day to you Kevin.

    I have a newbie question for you Sir.  I know you are very knowledgeable about Herman Oak leather.  Was wondering if you could add a page on your website to differentiate the types of Tooling leather grades.  Never understand the difference between all the ines you sell ?  What is grade  A, B, C, or Calcutta or  all the different types,  like Imported, Craftman, etc.   Thanks you for your time and help


  2. Hello Naturalisme, We don't really make it a practice to send out certifications of origin with our Hermann Oak Leather... I guess I could get or create some sort of paperwork for you though, if that will help. And we do accept paypal... if you need further help, just email me at kevin@springfieldleather.com Thanks, Kevin
  3. Hi... the metal strap cutter just didn't fly, mainly because at some point in a strap cutter's life, it gets dropped... and it always seems to land wrong, and it breaks. The guys are right about The Original Strap Cutter. It just works well, and holds up well. We've used some in our shop for years, and they're still going strong. Kevin
  4. Hi... Actually, prices are beginning to soften just a bit.... The chinese are not as aggressive in their purchases of leather as they were. We starting to see a small bit of relief in the way of special purchases, and things like that. cost on some double shoulders has dropped a bit. It might take a while for prices to get lower for you tho, because so many of us in the supply chain have absorbed cost rather than try to pass it on. So we need to catch up a bit. But I think that for the most part leather should be staying about the same, or perhaps getting a little lower here and there. The drought thing definitely has the potential to be a factor tho. Hopefully it will just start raining!!! Kevin
  5. Hi... If you can buy Aussies over there, it works pretty good when you apply it front and back, and set it with a little heat. Kevin
  6. Hi... first of all, I'm sure that the jacket has some sort of finish on it, and that would have to be removed in order for any dye to actually do a good job of penetrating. In addition, dyes can react with certain finishes to create a bit of a "stickiness" that can occur, if you don't get all the finish off. Especially down in the seams and hard to get at places. And it's quite possible that you'd never get an even color, and there's also the issue of trying to put a sealer over it when you're done. All leathers are different, and can react differently to various situations. Some leathers are incredibly prone to dry out and become boardy if too much of a dye is applied. Some leathers that would not be a problem. With some leathers, removing a finish with acetone can be quite successful, and with others, it's about impossible. Some leathers can be re colored by mixing a bit of dye with a leather conditioner. Some leathers just won't accept it at all. Some leathers will accept dye readily once the finish is removed, and some won't. Anyway, I won't bore you with more "if's and maybe's". You might get away with it, and you might not. I'm just more familiar with the situations that didn't work, I guess. Thanks for asking! Kevin
  7. Hello Eve, Sure we will. Just let me know what you need, and we'll figure something out! Kevin@springfieldleather.com
  8. Hello Ferg, I'm a Hermann Oak fan, but then, I sell it. I just thought I'd give you a little bit of extra info. First of all, both Hermann and Wickett make really good leather. 1/2 of the holster makers in the world think its the best, and the other half likes wickett. Both groups think that the other groups aren't too bright for the choice that they've made! One thing that's good to know is that Hermann's leather is for a fact firmer. Which of course, is why some folks prefer it. Wickett's leather is a bit on the "softer temper" side. which is of course, why some prefer it. I've used both with no complaints. Either would be about 11 steps up from what you're using. On the shameless plug side of things, we're willing to sell you a small piece rather than force you to buy a side. We just sell so blasted much of Hermann's leather that we don't have to worry about having little stuff left over. But you'll be happy with either leather. Kevin
  9. Hi Kevin, I'm not too sure what happened there, but I've heard similar things about the 800 number thing from some of our canadian customers... anyway, you can always reach me at kevin@springfieldleather.com or you can go to our website, and use the "ask kevin" feature. I get tons of email that way, and I make sure all of it is answered, usually on a pretty timely basis. Let me know if I can be of help! Kevin
  10. Nothing more frustrating than a dull swivel knife...except possibly my wife's stupid dog! For what it's worth, most knives don't need to be honed all that often. but they do need to be stropped on a pc of leather or paper with jewelers rouge (buffing compound) rubbed into it. As long as the knife has a decent edge, all you really need to do is polish it on the strop every few moments, or whenever it starts to jerk and drag... Hope this helps! Kevin springfield leather
  11. Hi.... from looking at it and considering your description, what you're wanting to do is just plain difficult. It's not that it can't be done (maybe) but for someone that is not extremely knowledgeable about dyes and leather and finishes, you've got a disaster waiting to happen. I'd love to tell you to go for it, but more than likely it's just not going to be a happy thing.... Sorry, Kevin@springfieldleather.com
  12. Thanks for the kind words to the both of you! I wish all success! Kevin

  13. Kevin..you have been a life saver!! Thanks

    Vicki and Jim Brown

  14. Hi... You mentioned "sewing machine" in your post.... In my opinion, that would be one of the smartest things you could do. There are tax advantages to buying a new machine, plus it will actually enable you to make money on things that you might not have been able to do that with before. It will also open doors of opportunity for you as time passes. And by the way, use good leather when possible... it can make a big difference in your workmanship, and can help you to justify a higher price. Best wishes! Kevin
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