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  1. Sorry for the delay in my response, the holidays have been hectic... LOL I intend on wearing this at Renaissance Fairs as I sell my chainmaille. So I'm looking for a little bit of comfort. I have lots of veg tan on hand. What is the easiest way to soften it up, or should I be looking more towards a deer tanned leather.
  2. I can use a little bit of help selecting a letter to use on a project that I'm working on. I am making a vest combining chainmaille front panels with the back being solid leather. I would like to do some light tooling and carving, so I'm guessing a heavy garment leather is not an option? I have lots of veg tan leather in multiple thicknesses. Will that soften up a bit and be pliable or will it remain or get stiffer over time? Can anybody point me in the direction app where I can get some laser etching done on weather?

  4. Fantastic dragon The unbevelled edges really make it stand out. BEAUTIFUL WORK Mike
  5. True art !!!! Thank you Tom for your passion for the craft. ( every piece you do is an inspiration to fledglings like myself ) Whats next I'm Hungry for more. THANX AGAIN Mike
  6. As a dude from Pacoima how did you end up in Mississippi? That is like light years away. How ya going to get some decent salsa much less carnitas burritos? What's a simple Vato to do!HA! Take care and thanks for the kind words.


  7. Storm Your work is awsome. As a man from Pacoima, I say you do the valley proud. Keep tappin' man Mike
  8. Kris keep in mind that improper tools can create a painful experience. with that being said . if the machine doesn't work out . don't let it get you down. a machine will only do what you tell it to , if it is capable. personally , i have bought many tools from hf and i figure 50% are satisfactory mike
  9. The SKULLIES are awsome!!! and the zigzag basketweave is really cool to. (it kinda makes me dizzy though) you do great work sir
  10. Well Ray I've never been across the pond But I've learned over the years that I live in a gorgous country. I was born and raised in the Los Angeles basin (San Fernando ) I really miss backpacking in the Sierra nevada mountains and going to the beaches . Then just like any good californian I wanted to examine the myth called culture shock so I moved to New Jersey (somerset county). (I don't think I'll ever be the same again) Butt Holly is absolutly right you get all four seasons, beautiful backwoods roads, Atlantic city and I did notice that the closer you got to NY city everything started to move faster and get more chaotic. (including peoples tempers) When I moved to Chicago I found a freshwater ocean called Lake Michigan. It was a wonderful sight but it was always missing that salty air The best thing to me about chi town is going to Wrigley Field for a a hot dog and a beer, ( oh and giving cuby fans a hard time ) And finally, I now live in North Mississippi not far from the crossroads , the home of the BLUES. Memphis and beale st. and of course The Great Ms. River. and some of the best BBQ in the world ( HOORAH Memphis in May) The history of each of the four areas I'v lived is overwelming, It would take a lifetime to learn it all, and it is a big country and life is short so I think I'll try to see as much of it as I can. The people and cultures in this forum are many and varied Thank you all for this little mental tour of places that are dear to us all. Did I mention We have Great BBQ down Here in the south? Mike B
  11. thank you guys for the warm welcome. Ray , You are exactly right. I get anxious when I start to see something come to life and I tend to pickup the pace. I am not by nature a patient person. But that is something I can keep working on. When working on wood I can only go as quick as the wood will allow. I guess I will just have to think of leather the same way. Luke, It is a pleasure to meet someone local. I live about 45 minutes south of Memphis near Batesville and Enid Lake ( straight shot down 55 ). I am always coming up there for one reason or another. when next I am at Tandy I'll ask bBob to give you a call. Thanx again folks Mike
  12. Hello from north mississippi My name is Mike and I am your typical jacka__ of all trades and master of none. I have more hobbies and interests than time or money to support them. But that's how I roll. Maybe a straight jacket is sound advise. Anyway. Over the last few weeks i've been sneeking from forum to forum eavesdropping on all of you insanely talented leather addicts. My 3 year interest in leathercraft so far has been mainly tandy kits ( you know. cell phone casses, check books etc.)other than that I have managed two original projects . A sheath for my hand axe and a celtic knot 2.5 in bracer. My first finished piece. I'm not very good with dyes or color coordinating. Aside from that and the many other flaws, would some of you folks critique my work and give me some ideas on how to produce fewer tool marks? I know practice practice practice I appreciate any constructive criticism. If It's constructive I can build on it. HEHE Thank you in advance. It is an honor and a priveledge to be among this kind of creativity! Mike
  13. Thanks Jim That makes everything so much simpler sorry for the delay in my response i've been considering tanning my computer. its been uncooperative. many thanks to you also mike that site is very informative
  14. Thanx Jim I truly appreciate the help what type of alum do i get at grocery store and does it need to be neutralized afterwards? thx again
  15. I live in a very popular area for deer hunting. so needless to say I have access to lots of deerskins. I have decided to learn how to Tan my own leather and take up some of my free time. Right now I have 3 salt cured skins and I have read dozens of articles and methods. YES I have become confused. My question is: What is the best process to obtain quality leather (not Buckskin) for multiple projects I understand brain tanning produces great buckskin and leather but playing with brains just doesn't excite me. yuk Tanning kits tanning solutions in a bottle veg tanning (does this work on deerskin it feels pretty thin) Potash alum aluminum sulfate bating pickling neutralizing help I'm dizzzy
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