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  1. cowhide

    Help with type of Leather for a purse

    Since u have bought from W&C before, why not ask them what is the best buy for what u are making.
  2. cowhide

    New From SE Georgia

    where are u in Georgia? I am in Griffin
  3. if u are making a dress belt than a 8/9 oz will work just fine/ with 45 years experience I used 8/9houlders or can use 9/10 oz.
  4. cowhide

    Backpack/Rucksack patterns

    Joe, the best place I have fount is the ; The Green these are patterns to be made with cloth but u can easily convert. attached a photo of a backpack I made from of their patterns
  5. cowhide

    Hello from South Carolina

    Where in South Carolina? now live in Atlanta but home town is York.
  6. cowhide

    Where to get printed leather

    you can try this site : also listed on Etsy
  7. here is a checkbook cover that I stamped with the Tandy 3d stamps and all was painted with sharpie pens. let dry overnight and sealed with a clear finish. no bleed and will not rub off.
  8. not a pattern but take a look at this
  9. Yes u can mix these two together. I have been doing it for several years. I will apply it to the leather before I apply any dye. It will give u a brighter color. after u dye buffet it real good.
  10. does anyone know where u can buy camo leather

    1. nstarleather


      It's expensive.  I have some Advantage Timer and Mossy Oak- but it's like $8 per foot.

      I could sell you a hide or 2 at that if you really need it.


  11. cowhide

    Maybe A Silly Question?

    Try looking at the book: Leather Braiding by Bruce Grant. it has all kinds of braiding
  12. cowhide

    Hello From East Georgia Usa

    where in east georgia are u , I am in griffin
  13. cowhide

    Backpack/rucksack Patterns

    here is a better photo of backpack
  14. cowhide

    Backpack/rucksack Patterns

    here is a back pack that I made using a pattern that I got from : The Green the pattern is for cloth but I changed it to be made from leather. they show a step to step on how to make and sew it. very easy to follow instructions.