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  1. I am on the fence for a Cobra class 20....does anybody has one and can report what this machine can or can not do!? I am planing to start making chaps...also book covers, wallets, backpacks, flat bags and inlays...I do have the Cobra Class 3....wondering if eventually a class 18 would do me!!??? Any thoughts?
  2. I am interested in a Cobra 20, Cowboy 1541 or a Juki 1508 HN.....is the Cobra #20 a 1508 clone?? Which is the better machine...?? I am doing book covers, wallets, heavy veg tan book covers, chap tops, veg tan sleeves, small flat bags, I dont just want to end up with a mediocre upholstery machine!!?? ....I do have a Cobra #3 for the big fat stuff. Any input would be great, thanks!!
  3. Jimbob

    Adler 105/64

    Fly wheel is custom made by a NC machine shop!! No shipping...lol...you could not afford me! Near TN state line!!
  4. I am so sorry...John...We should have warned you!! You are now officially doomed, for ever broke and the smell of leather will have severe effects to your brain and wallet...you will never look the same way at a leather sofa's kicked to the curb...you will start buying old rusty tools and fancy templates...your wife's tanning bed will disappear and a work bench will be build at this same spot... May the gods of leather dye and bees wax be with you from now on!!! Ohhhh, and have fun...and I mean lots of fun!! Greetings from another "doomed" guy in SW Virginia!!
  5. Very nice details, clean work and superb engineering...classical look...sort of old school!! Should be effective as described!??
  6. Let's get started!!!! Good to have u in here!!!
  7. Lol...you wish...I do both...Ham radio ($$$$) and leather work ( $$$$) so yes...I know...BUT: Both hobbies are great fun and very enjoyable ways of spending BIG money....in the end leather work is a bit more rewarding I think. Now go and have fun!! 73
  8. Awesome!! Very clean...I like yellow things...my daughters favorite flowers are sunflowers. Great work!
  9. Best Halloween movie ever!! Very nice work!!
  10. Jimbob

    Laptop briefcase

    Wow, heavy duty stuff...nicely done...I love making brief cases....but that's a lot of work! Very classic look!!
  11. Heheee....now that's cool...loving it...very nice detailed work!! Tnx for sharing!!
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