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  1. Thank you, he still has the bike and seat...lol...one of my first seats back then!!
  2. I had one and it sews really nicely, 138 thread works fine on top!! Lots of parts available and well build!!Cant go wrong if it is in well taking care of shape!!
  3. Actually a few years ago.....friend of mine wanted a seat done for his bike...I love the color of this bike!! he build and painted it himself.....sooo, I kept the seat color sort-of orange too....all skirting is 2-3 oz veg tan leather, the top seats are 4-5 oz tooling leather!!
  4. Good friend of mine builds hot rod cars....cool ones too!! So he requested a cool wallet....4-5 oz tooling leather, inside is chrome tan left overs and dye is Fiebings, sealer NeatLac!!
  5. A wooden trunk I just recently finished, customer supplied the hardware, 5-6 oz oil tan contact glued on sealed wood, edges are tacked....goes into a vintage Ford truck in the back of the bed!!!!
  6. I have the identical Adler 105-64 and it is a tank of a machine!!! 10+ years in use, never failed!!! Bobbin and hock is still available, feet's too...using 207 on top and 138 on bottom....runs like a champ...good for heavier thread too....about 5/8" thickness you can do...but stitch length will suffer then....depending what he want for it and working correctly...it's a a GREAT machine!!
  7. Thanks guys for the flowers, and no...my ADLER 105-64 helps my old worn hands in da stitching department...every now and then I do hand stitching....
  8. Jimbob


    Wonderful work....real cool stuff!! And NO honey, the horse was not bad!! LOL ....That's how native people out west park their horse vehicle to avoid walking home by foot in the morning....I do the same with my horse/JEEP here on da East coast...I lock it twice and hope once!!
  9. last one for this year.....all made last few weeks....I am done for this year, shop is closed!!! I am sitting under the tree with a mug of egg nog and a soup bowl of beef tongue with frog eye pies....Happy Holidays!
  10. More new works I have done last month or so.....again, nothing fancy, just having fun!!....just playing with new ideas!! Did a chair from the trash pile, new terrain for me!
  11. More new works I have done last month or so.....again, nothing fancy, just having fun!! This seat is half chrome tan and half tooling leather....just playing with new ideas!!
  12. Custom made to please....or so called "bespoken" ?? Anyhow, some more of the works I have done late this year....not fancy and not famous but it was fun to make!!
  13. Been pretty busy and fall was already here.....now last X-mas orders out the door, shop is closed now!!
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