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  1. Oldtimer I'll probably just wait for something aluminum etc since I have too many projects already. It's a great idea though if I ever get the time. Thanks for your suggestion.
  2. Simontunelder those smaller ones sound exactly like what I'm after. If I find a source i'll be sure to post it. Matt S where's a good place to look for the M39? There's a military gun supply and cheaperthandirt not far from me. I didn't see anything in the U.S. on a quick google search for them. CTD had a polish model for $10 but it was a nylon bottom and didn't appear to have a frame.
  3. Matt S that sounds like a nice ruck. I've always wanted one. I'd be absolutely fine with aluminum burr rivets, I just don't know of a source for them. I tried looking online to no avail. Oldtimer I hadn't even considered silver solder or brazing. Was it an annealing effect the heat created that led to the noodly rivets?
  4. First, thanks everyone for a wealth of knowledge and friendly advice. I tried google and the search function with no useable results... Does there exist a source for silver colored burr rivets? If not I may try making a die for peening a head onto nickle silver rod or a softer stainless and see how it goes.
  5. The suggestions for deadening sounds from the table/platform sound spot on. Not sure how it would affect your speed but a brass or lead mallet might be considerably quieter. Especially if you get to where that's the noisiest part of your operation.
  6. It's been a good while, but I wanted to post the resolution of this one. I finally got the thing stitched up and sent off (months later). I was in such a hurry to send it off I didn't take any pics, so I only have the one my father sent me. He seemed happy enough with it, so that was good. I know I've a long, long way to go, but I'm pretty happy with it for my third sheath. Thanks to everyone for your advice, -Bean
  7. Again thank you everyone for the responses, I'm really liking the knowledgeable, helpful attitudes here. Sorry for the delayed response on my part, I work a 3x12 schedule at present. Leerwerker and Pino, I went with an approach similar to yours; I used a damp sponge and the round bit of my bone folder and tried to slick it down as best I could. It came out pretty well I think. It's got a still semi-rugged appearance, but feels mostly slick, albeit porous, to the touch. For this application I think it will do quite well. It's a sheath for a Ka-Bar USMC knife that belongs to my father. (Also did a stacked leather washer re-handle on the knife.) My grandfather was in the Navy in WWII and traded a marine for it as I'm told. I don't have any pics yet, but will be certain to post some once it's completed! I'm quite excited about it. Darc and Rick, thank you so much. I think this was the look I was initially thinking of, but I got impatient because the fam and I are headed to the coast to see my father in less than a week. I'm hoping to have it ready to hand over by then. I must remember this method in the future, it can give items a really nice touch. -Beans
  8. Thank you all for your responses! I'll have to check out the Tan Kote and the Glass Slicker. It's sounding like the Slicker is more the avenue I'm looking for on this project. Do you case the leather before using it? I may have jumped ahead in the steps of the process... I've already applied Fiebing's oil dye, would that impede the action of a slicker? That Barry King model is beautiful. It would make the rest of my tool collection envious! -Beans
  9. Howdy, I'm making a sheath and am stumped on how to go about smoothing out the flesh side of the leather I'm using. I have several production sheaths where the flesh side is a velvety smooth suede-like finish. Should I be sanding it, burnishing it, or otherwise to make its fibrous appearance smoother? I considered slicking it with gum trag, but it seems to act as a sort of resist when dyeing. Apologies if this has been covered and my searches have missed it. Thanks! -Beans
  10. Brinyar, Those are beautiful holsters! May I ask where you procured the snaps you used on them? I really like the look of them. -Beans
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