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  1. happy birthday;;worked on the power plant in clen Rose

  2. Awesome!!! I have been wanting to try to make one and you have inpired me! Phillip
  3. Im a film fan. I took some photography classes in college and reallyprefer it over digital. Yeah yeah I know ,"You can do so much with adigital camera with all the programs and editing...blah blah blah."Using a film camera is just as easy and you can use the SAME programsas you would with a digital. I know for a fact you can get film put ona cd at Walgreens,CVS, and Walmart. Plus I still like having the printsin my hand instead of just seeing it on my pc. At CVS and Walgreens youcan have the film put directly on a cd, if you dont want prints, foronly a few dollars. I have a Nikon FE, a Canon EOS Rebel XSN, and a1957 Zeiss Ikon Contaflex which all take AMAZING pictures and are allfilm cameras AND you can pick one up for under $100. Craigslist is agreat resource for used cameras. I had a nice Minolta digital that Isold to buy the Nikon FE film camera. Just sayin Phillip Sims
  4. Hahahahha! Thanks for the help everyone! I just wanted to see what all the other ways of finishing are but if no one wants to help its no big deal. Thank you Tkleather1 and leatherrookie for your posts. No big deal! hahah! I know where else to look I was just hoping to have a big post for everyone to be able to put in their 2 cents! Phillip Sims
  5. I have heard many different peoples steps in finishing a project. Some swear by this or that and others wont do this before they do that. I think if everyone was to post their own process it would help not only me but MANY people in this forum. So lets start with antiquing. How do you get that "perfect" finish, what products, and what tools(wool,dauber,ect.) Lets hear it. I know some of you old timers have to have some tried and true ways that you will do every time and I would love to hear them!!! I want detailed descriptions so that they will be easy to follow for me and others. Thanks alot and I hope this will help everyone!!!!! Phillip Sims
  6. I found this posting wil looking through craigslist. I thought someone else might be interested. It seems like a really good deal! Hope it helps!!! Phillip Sims just cop and paste in the address bar http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/tls/1373521838.html
  7. Thanks alot everybody for the advice! Im going to start the Neatlac today. Pictures up soon!!! Thanks again! Phillip Sims
  8. Well what if I have Neatlac in a spray can??? Should I still work it in with some wool? I will wait to see what you say! Thanks Rawhide! Phillip Sims
  9. Hey everybody! Here are a couple things ive made in the last ....while. The guitar strap was for myself, the floral was a tandy pattern and the letters were from the internet somehwere. Its unfinished in the picture because I over oiled it when I was finishing it and it turnedout pretty dark. The knife and sheath are both handmade. I made the knife out of a horseshoe, heated with a torch and straightened and the sharpened. I have made a few other ones that turned out with better blades but this is the only one I have a picture of. The sheath is rawhide that was matched with a rawhide keeper on the belt. It is a horizontal sheath and looked pretty cool on the belt. Anyway! Phillip Sims
  10. Thats awesome! Ive got an old aluminum fly rod case that I have a 3 piece in and ive wanted to cover it like the one you did. Great inspiration!!! Phillip Sims
  11. Looks real good. Ive been wanting to make a rifle scabbard for a while and have been putting it off cuz it looks like ALOT of work!hahah! Good job man! Phillip Sims
  12. Too cool man! You should make some kind of "shadow box" kind of frame and put all the papers and stuff in and hang that stuff on the wall!!!! USE THE TOOLS!!!!!! Phillip Sims
  13. Hey thanks everybody. Those airbrush rigs are pretty cool! Anyway, I oiled a few things last night that have been ready to finish for a couple of months actually, I just havent got around to it. It was a couple pair of spur straps,a couple of wallets and junk like that. I applied the oil with a piece of wool like always just to see if it would happen again and THEY ALL TURNED OUT GREAT!!!!! I have always had a problem with not taking my time and get real anxious to see what the final product will look like, so I have ruined a few things by not letting them dry properly. BUT since these were tooled about 2 months ago and have been drying ever since they were COMPLETELY dry. Im going to neat lac them today and see what happens. YES I STILL HAVE SOME NEATLAC woohoo! Thanks for all the suggestions and everything everyone!!!! I would like to try out that airbrush thing one day.Ill put some pictures up here when they are all finished!!! Thanks again!!!!! Phillip Sims
  14. WOW! That is really really nice! Great job!!!!!!!!! Phillip Sims
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