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  1. Is there a video out there on how to thread a Artisan 618 sewing machine. The book is hard to understand and I am having a heck of a time. Any help will be appreciated!
  2. fjk


    Where can I purchase heavy duty white elastic for making suspender backs. Thanks for any info you can provide!
  3. I am just wondering what you folks use for a cutting surface when you use your head knife. I have been laying my hide out on a sheet of plywood but as you can imagine this is not the best surface as the head knife point digs into the wood. What is a good reccomendation for a cutting surface? Any help will be appeciated. Thank you! Frank
  4. fjk

    Suspender Elastic

    Thank you Big G and Ken for your help! Frank
  5. fjk

    Suspender Elastic

    Hello everyone. I am making leather cowboy suspenders and I am having a hard time finding quality elastic webbing for the back yoke strap. What I have found so far does not hold up and streches out of shape. Does anyone know of any suppliers they would reccomend for a good quality elastic webbing in say 1 1/2" width. Thank you very much for your time and information. Frank
  6. Thank you for your help and replys!
  7. Does anyone have a pattern for cowboy suspenders they could share? Thank you Frank
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