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    skowhegan, maine
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    I enjoy working with leather, tying flies, fly fishing, hunting, and any activities I can share with my two sons.

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    wallets,checkbook covers but i am still learning
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    anything to do with leathercrafting
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    surfing the net

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  1. I seen your comment on Swivel Knives. What ever Swivel Knife you bought, use the Micro Green Rouge from the Woodcrafters. It is around 25 dollars. Use the rouge on a business card, then strop. I hardly sharpen my swivel knife anymore. This good stuff. Use on utility knives, head knife.

  2. Congradulations!! She is absolutely beautiful!!
  3. I have one of the "Horshoe Brand" basketweave tools, and it is excellent!! I also have had excellent service from Weaver. Great folks to deal with.
  4. Welcome to the Forum Mark. Nice to see another Mainer on here!
  5. Thanks Ray. Does Joseph Dixon have a website I can check out?
  6. Thanks guys. I think I will order a couple from Weaver Leather.
  7. Where is the best place to buy strap end punches?
  8. Merry Christmas to yuo! Great looking chaps!
  9. Nice work on the strap, looks great.
  10. Congradulations to your boy. That is something to be proud of!!
  11. Nice looking collar Tom. I really like the red lettering with the black background.
  12. Nice looking wallet!! I like the "Montana Basketweave" .
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