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  1. I just about finished the shield. I have to get some green dye because i decided to go with a shamrock on the insert. When its done i'll try to post pictures. I was surprised with how it came out, a little better than I thought for my first time. Still working out some kinks, especially in the stitching area. But i'm sure that will work itself out with time. Thanks for all the help.
  2. I bought some leather at a local store i found yesterday. Its pretty thick but for my first shield it will do. Anyways, I was wondering if there were some kind of number stamps out there. I was thinking about cutting out the recessed numbers but i was wondering if there was a kind of cookie-cutter-style stamp that i could use so its a little neater.
  3. What types of tools should i look into getting? I was planning on making a wood template shaped as the shield and using it as an edge to cut against. Should I buy a swivel knife or just a straight cutting knife? What thickness leathers should I get? Its going to be at least layers and needs to be no more that 1/4"-1/5" thick.
  4. I predicted that it would be cutting and layering but is it going to be painted leather? or can i find it already dyed? The shields I have ordered appear to be dyed. The middle layer also appears to be patent, or a glossier leather, if not plastic. There is the option of stitching on the numbers, but I think it would be simpler to cut them out. Also, I do not have any access to a leather sewing machine so I planned to do it by hand using an awl.
  5. I am a firefighter and looking to get into leather working. On every fire helmet is a leather front piece that serves as a form of identification while wearing the helmet. This is called a shield or front. I have never done any leather working before but I would like to try to make a shield. I have attached a picture but in case you can't tell, the middle square (called an insert) has sunken or recessed numbers. The shields consist of 3 layers. A black front layer, a white or red middle layer, and another black layer for the backing. I was wondering what kind of leather, as well as what tools I need to complete this job; or where do I find colored leather, etc. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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