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  1. I don't need the holes ... just the outline ... and just for the main (hourglass looking) piece.
  2. Is there anyone who sells a standard clicker die for the guitar pick holder that goes on a keyring? Something like the attached:
  3. @northmount, also: How much of the lace do you skive on each side for a proper wet splice? 1/4"?
  4. @knothead, I see that for beginning and ending, but what about in the middle of the project? @northmount, thank you. I was hoping there was a method to splice without the wet splice. Any thoughts?
  5. I've looked high and low and can't find a procedure for splicing single loop edge braid on a single layer of leather. There's lots of stuff about splicing on two layers where you bring the tail up between the layers, but I can't find anything about splicing on a single layer strap. Does anyone have directions for doing this?
  6. Do you typically bevel the strap before lacing ... double loop for example ... or is it better to leave the hard edges on the strap before lacing?
  7. Is anybody using the Cub? There's a lot of Boss and Outlaw reviews, but I don't see much about the Cub ... pro or con.
  8. I'm making a bass bow quiver with a carved pattern. I usually sew projects after they are fully stained, antiqued, and finished (usually satin shene.) In this case, I need to sew the pattern up and then wet the project and place a block in the end to expand the leather a bit so it doesn't pinch the bow when inserted during use of the quiver. Do I sew it up before blocking then stain and finish? This will make it difficult to antique and the finish may drip as it won't be laying flat. If I finish then sew and try to expand the end, won't it mess the finish?
  9. Aside from sewing, is there a reliable way to attach fleece to the back of an all-leather strap to act as a cushion to the wearer?
  10. I've done a number of projects and have always oiled after the tooling was complete. I learned early on that over-oiling (at least with Neatsfoot) means "too dark." Is there a disadvantage to oiling before starting to carve and tool? Thank you, Sal
  11. My latest strap. The tooling gets a little easier with each one. Comments/Suggestions welcome. Sal
  12. Latest guitar strap. Sheridan-esque: scrolls but no flowers. Based on a pattern off of an old belt. Comments welcome in either direction. Thank you, Sal
  13. Latest personalized strap. No dye ... just neats foot oil, satin sheen x2, fiebings dark browne antique paste, satin sheen. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Thank you, Sal
  14. Some basic mando straps for F-style mandolins. No hardware to scratch the instrument.
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