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    BRAIDING !!! rawhide and leather. rustic/primitive/tribal knife making.

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  1. Very well done !!!!! Would you happen to have a source for those locks ? Thanks and congratulations on a superb job
  2. lilpep

    Singer 45 K

    Hello every one I am very !!!! Interested in finding a singer 45k sewing machine walking foot version or at least a walking needle version. If you or some one you know has one that would be willing to sell please drop me a line at lilpep_27@yahoo.com I can trade leather or simply cash !! For it. If it has the treadle stand it would be a plus but head only would be great as well. Thanks
  3. I'd like to take it on, would you happen to have pictures or drawings of your ideas? Email me lilpep@yahoo.com
  4. Looking for the same cash in hand Llilpep_27@yahoo.com Adler 205 ? Head only how much
  5. If this still open please count me in and email with the latest list. lilpep_27@yahoo.com
  6. Horse is EXCELLENT for braiding and yes it is thinner than bovine raw hide it is very strong. The belly is much thinner than the back but perfect fir very fine things. I used it a bunch for fid work and other projects. South American braid ears use it a lot for their work along with softened Hereford rawhide for its reddish color. If the horse was a dark color sometimes it will come through in the raw hide and give great effects.
  7. can you send pics ? lilpep_27@yahoo.com
  8. I teach brading both in rawhide and kangaroo but i am located in Elpaso if you can make the trip drivre up to herefod TX and get with bill confers from tejas industries, he wiil set you up with what you need to start.
  9. I sent you an email with some Questions and an initial prototype agreement Pre-Production along a fees. forgot to mention the obvious !!! IHAVE ALL TEH TOOLS NEED AND A Work shop dedicated to leather work. it would be great to meat in person preferaby at my shop so yuo can see how and with what your items willbe made.
  10. Sent PM looking for a skiver lilpep_27@yahoo.com
  11. lilpep

    Usmc Model Z

    Hello every one !! I have been offered a USMC model "Z" skiving machine. She looks good, but i know very little about these machines and would like to reach out to ya'll. I need any and all the info i can get on them. i'm willing to pay for manuals and such. I am located in the great city of El Paso TX. I would also like to see if anyone has a Used skiving machine for sale. i am not a mas producer just a very serious hobbyist so i'm very serious about buying one. email is the best means to reach me lilpep_27@yahoo.com thank you for all your help
  12. Muchisimas Gracias !!!!!!!! Enrique Manny Thanks !!!!!!!
  13. just my two cents but this seems to be more like a "wrap" rather than a knot, the reason i say so is because the patterns are different and second which is more convincing for me is that the bits on top/bottom and sides seem two "stack" on top of each other sort of like an interwoven two bit knot except that you have them on four sides. well im not sure if the last part is very clear but you might look for "wraps" i think i saw a youtube video that resembled this alot or was at least very similar. not sure what it was called though.
  14. thanks alot for the info they look awesome. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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