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  1. Yep. Only he answered better than I could. I am able to tell you that the Ipad is built to use the magnets to turn the pad on and off when the cover is opened and closed. It was an interesting project to figure out and construct. J'
  2. The stone is fosslized dinosuar bone, the only snaps on the strap help with allowing to make the srap into an eisle and yes there are magnants placed under the stone.
  3. I will answer with: Long enough, while always learning something new with each project (and there have been a lot of projects!) ;-}
  4. I am not concerned because it is not a sharp or cutting bend but rounded to accomadate the thickness of the Ipad and the holder... I used it on a cover for a kindle also and there is no problems.
  5. I did. Changed to Public for the time being. See if you can open the link one more time. Jana
  6. Hmmm... I know you have to be a Facebook member, Try to type the address into the browser and see if it works that way. The link does work for me but it is my page so not sure why you are having troubles. Jana
  7. This is a custom cover for a gentleman that is in both the SCA and Steampunk... I really like the way it turned out ]
  8. Kat~ The tooling leather is 4/5 oz, the cover leather is chrome tanned upholstry weight about 3oz, the interior was lined with garment weight pig skin approx. 1 to 2 oz. There are stiffeners between the cover and lining made of black illustration board and the lacing style is called mexican basket weave done in 1/8 inch calf lace... if you are a member of FaceBook, I have a page with picture albums that shows a picture progression of it. www.facebook.com/janlynent Have fun with your project... I did!!
  9. A commission to make a personalize cover for an Ipad. It was quite interesting to work on because of construction concerns and the use of magnets to make the closure.
  10. Thank you Ray! I have gotten a chance to go through the books written about the various items found on the Mary Rose but your pictures make it a bit more "real".
  11. This is an interesting piece, in order to show the feet the belly fur would have to be intact. Was it a complete hide? cuts at the neck and under the tail area?
  12. Just an amazingly beautiful piece! Thank you for posting.
  13. It is displayed in my home safe and sound... When I take it somewhere I display it on its tripod and hover!! I encourage people to pick it up and examine but I am not very far away from it and I show the front most of the time!! Thank you for the wonderful comments, Jana
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