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  1. Stunningly beautiful engraving..... Just transfer that skill to leather work LOL
  2. Your local shoe/boot repair shop might be willing to sell you some of their soling material. It comes in a number of different thicknesses. Probably more expensive than poundo board, but does come in larger size.
  3. Once had the same problem with a smaller container of antique - a Tandy dealer recommended using some Tan-Kote to thin it. That worked fairly well, but took a lot of stirring/mixing to get it to a usable consistency
  4. I have been asked to make a holster for a Ruger LCP in .380 caliber - does anyone have a pattern to fit those pistols? Much appreciate any assistance.
  5. Unfortunately, nearest leather stores are in either Dallas or Shreveport :-( I you come back up this way, give me a shout and maybe we can meet up somewhere.
  6. Finally getting settled in after moving here a couple years ago, and getting curious as to whether there might be a leather group in or near Tyler, or even just a few leatherworkers who might be interested in a small get-together once in a while, to share ideas and patterns. Very rank amateur here, so nothing fancy to share :-) but would like to hear from others with similar ideas and interests.
  7. I use an old plastic office chair pad, over the carpet in my hobby room. Works fairly well, since I don't have room for a separate cutting table.
  8. Really nice! A lot better than what I could do :-)
  9. You might ask a local shoe repairman if he/she would order a sheet or half-sheet or rubber sole material for you.
  10. Profile photo was taken at the "Tiger Temple" in Kanchanaburi, Thailand about 4 yrs ago. The monks there operate a sanctuary for orphaned tigers, and now have at least 40, plus babies (which we had an opportunity to feed - what an awesome experience!!). They have a daily "show" during which folks are allowed to go and pet the tigers (they are chained and fed before the show). Afterwards, they are unchained and leashed, then walked like a dog back to their living quarters. They are groomed daily, and their fur is sooo soft and silky. The King of Thailand sends money from his personal account to help feed them, although donations are accepted, of course.
  11. Absolutelyl beautiful tools. I would definitely be interested when you have more for sale. Re the "positioning" spot: I used a thumbtack on my Tandy awl for the same purpose, although I put it further up on the handle, where my finger would definitely come in contact with it when trying to position it for use.
  12. In the March/April issue of Leathercrafters and Saddlers Journal, there is an ad from John Fong Leather Co, listing Pangolin among the exotic leathers they can supply. check www.johnfongexoticleathers.com
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