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  1. I would definately put teh phone in there screen towards your body. Other than that, cool design.
  2. Thats nice, Damn good for a first project.
  3. Whole thing is awesome, but i especially like the dye texture on the inside.
  4. For small projects I use translucent, thin cutting boards from the dollar store, Come 3 to a package and 11x14 1/8
  5. You might be able to partner up with a maker that makes it and paint and get the pieces, paint then and either return them for finishing or finish them out your self.
  6. I have been watching a lot of your videos lately, and sub'd to you channel. Excellent work.
  7. Looks great, and excellent idea making both holsters. They will age the same, and now you have an excuse to but another one fill that extra holster :)
  8. I started using the 3/$1 cutting board sheets from the dollar store a while ago.
  9. I really like them both. The only thing I might change would be to reverse the tie down loop, as it sits, it could be unsnapped while brushing by something but it if was reversed, that wouldn't happen.
  10. Welcome back, that is some fantastic work!
  11. Very nice, and I really like the copper snaps on the natural leather.
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