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  1. I love scooby-doo and I love this! You are one talented individual!
  2. Looks damn good Azrider! the rocks and bubbles definitely make it "pop" more.
  3. Its got a Necronomicon like look to it. Very nice! Wish I had your skills.
  4. Pure Sickness! (in the good way!!) I love the paint job, how long did it take you from start to finish on this?
  5. Internet Explorer is one of the worst browsers EVER! I use Opera, easy to use, can setup up to when you open it theres a list of 9 spots you can put in webistes and just one click will take you to them. It doesnt lag out a pc and has slim minimum requirements. Heres the link- http://www.opera.com/browser/
  6. I have owned cichlids in the past, and have one now. My firemouth meeki (named em Thor) is the only one I have now, my friend got my Jack dempsey seen as my tank want big enough for em. Did I see a cockatoo (dunno if I spelled it right) cichlid on there?
  7. Very nice work! I do some archery, but never had/seen quivers that nice.
  8. Links dont seem to work for me. keeps saying files are either missing or were deleted.
  9. Ahh. Well either way its an awesome piece, whether it looks good as a bracer or not lol. Your Mjollnir bracer on the other hand, is an even greater piece of art! If I could make something half as good as that I think I'd be doing well. I like the smaller one alittle more, unless I was doing more archery, then I'd pick the larger one.
  10. Awesome! I was plannin on doing a covering for a flask I have, to cover up the scratches lol.
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