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  1. Hello friend, I just thought to inform you that I bought all of Dan's Machinery in the fall. I dont think that he checks his posts any longer best CS
  2. Does anyone know where I can get parts for a BIBO TC75 Edge Inking Machine? I have a machine that I use with smaller guides, on thinner leather straps. I am setting up to run thicker straps (12-14OZ) through it and the guides are a bit too tight. BIBO's website lists this machine as handling 2-7.5mm Straps, but the way my machine is set up, it wont handle anything over 10oz..(gets wedged). Anyone have any ideas? BIBO has not responded to my inquiries yet (not sure if they will, I wrote in English). BIBO directed me years ago to them as the distributor for BIBO in USA...But I ordered parts last week from Randall and the salesman was unfamillar with the model and didnt have anything at all for the TC75. Any guidance or help would be appreciated! THanks CS
  3. HI Busted, Thanks for your reply. I just purchased a Randall NSB lastnight in WV. THey're really abotu the best production edger around, although OMAC in Italy makes a good one.... China also makes a clone of the NSB for 2,000....(But come on, who wants a Chinese Machine). They're fast, and do a good job, you can edge about 100 straps in 5 mins.....Really fast. THe heritage and bluegrass edgers are more for hobby minded people, although I did see a bluegrass with pullers and that wouldnt be so bad. I've probably seen 10 NSB machines at auctions over the past 3 years, I just didnt need one until now, so I missed alot of good chances. Usually Weaver's consignment auction has 1-2, but I didnt see one this summer.
  4. Hello ALL! Just wanted to let everyone know that I have bought a NSB from leatherworker forum member DAN RICH. He's a great guy, and still has a couple machines for sale. He as a Randall R 32, in excellent mechanical shape, still has the original cutting roller on it. He's asking around $1500, would be great for someone looking to acquire a strap cutting machine.
  5. Thanks for the reply. What is your per inch price for common steel rule dies, 1-/4" height?
  6. Hello folks, I am searching for an alternate die maker for my projects. Anyone know of a good die maker? I have had a bit of trouble with my current die maker...After 65 great dies ordered from them, I finally have a small issue with the most recent, and they flat refused to fix it, even if I paid for the correction... I can say I was flat out shocked and surprised by the lack of professionalism to say the least.... My recorse was to just throw the die in the scrap bin...And start over. But I am soured now on my die maker. Anyway, anyone know of a good die maker that is reasonable on price and turn around? All suggestions welcomed!
  7. Hello All, I am still searching for a used Randall Edger, NSB... So far I haven't found one for sale to buy, still searching....
  8. Hello, do you have a randall nsb? (beveller) best cS
  9. What kind of number/qty are you looking for? I can offer die cutting service, by piece, and dies are not so hard to have made (or so expensive either). Best CS
  10. Hello, THanks for your reply to my posting. Unfortunately, Jack does not have machines, (or any machines ??) in stock....THe pictures on oldcowpoke must just be for reference I guess?? I contacted him about many different machines posted in photos (with prices) on the site, but none avail........ I am still hunting a randall NSB. -CS
  11. Cambell-Randall makes some parts for the Landis 3, try giving them a call. They're very simple machines to work on, you should be able to change worn parts out with new ones pretty easily.
  12. Hello, I have a complete Landis 3 Shuttle to trade, I am looking to trade it for a complete Campbell/Randall Shuttle. I am also looking to perhaps buy Randall Shuttles also.
  13. Hello, is it a 205-370? I am possibly interested, any pics? Where are you located?
  14. Does anyone know where to find 5/6 suede? I am looking for the slightly thicker/firmer "Orthopedic" suede in colours. All I am able to find around is the cheap 4/5 soft suede... Maybe someone knows of a supplier?
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