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    I like cowboy action shooting and the whole costumes, guns, and leatherwork from the late 1800's time period.

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    horse tack, cowboy gear and makin scrap ; )
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    making saddles, gun leather, old cowboy leather, and anything else I can learn
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    stumbled upon
  1. Thanks Daniel, I look forward to seeing more tips from you.
  2. One more for you to add Johanna, Curious to see what this is all about.
  3. Hi Tom and Thanks. Yes the stem is rolled and has a wire running up the middle of it and into the flower to add ridgidity and to help lock everything together.
  4. With the sculpted roses Im working on right now, I thought if I dip them instead of brushing I could get a better look. The roses are sculpted and dried to lock in the shape, so my question is if I dip them in dye will they loose their shape or will they stay locked in the shape I had them in? Anybody try dipping there work of any type and if so what was your experience with it? Is there any little tricks to watch for?
  5. Engine co 1 thank you. Dave sorry to create more work for ya lol. Thanks to you and your wife and I will try and work something up and share the way I make them.
  6. Thanks Tim RC, "steal' away. All I did was look at a real rose and just try to copy it the best I could. Hope I came close. Thanks
  7. I finished this last night and thought I would share. Your comments are welcome.
  8. Hi Luke, Yea its for a mare, I think any gelding would be a bit embarassed. Thanks for the kind words.
  9. Madmax, The pink and yellow flowers are acrylic and the others are ef all in one, the leaves are feibings. Dirtclod, I had planned on putting conchos down where the bit goes to fit inside the spots but bought the wrong size and have to go get the right ones. I just put in some chicagos for the pics. Size wise on the pieces I took measurements from the headstall my wife uses regularly and fits the horse proper. This headstall hasnt been adjusted or had the brow band set in the right place yet. I could see what your talkin about it, does look a little funny in the pic. Thanks for the input guys, I appreciate it.
  10. Tim, Those are outstanding. I really like them.
  11. Just finished this head stall. Let me know what you think. Thanks
  12. Good morning Spence, Give triggleather.net a try. Not sure if they will have it but they have a lot of conchos. Hope you find what you are lookin for.
  13. That's exactly what the tree is made of. Just fiberglass. And not really any reinforcement of any kind.
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