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  1. Jared

    Need Cz 2075 Mold

    Anyone have one of these?
  2. Jared

    Need Cz 2075 Mold

    I got a big order if I can find a CZ 2075 Rami. I am in a bind, and would appreciate any help. I am willing to buy, rent, borrow. Turn around will be pretty quick. I appreciate any and all help. Feel free to reach me whatever way is easiest. defensivecarryconcepts@gmail.com 417 372-7130 Thank you for your time, Jared
  3. We are doing this as a side line, when we have time, and when things become both available and in demand. We have been making a point of keeping track of items that get requested, and are working to get enough interest. We currently aren't doing those models, but I will put them on our list. The Only 500 I would have access to is a giant so I don't know how popular those may be. Thank you for your inquiry and I will keep you posted.
  4. I apologize. For some odd reason Leatherworker did not inform me of any comments here. As to adding 1911's not yet. We are trying to find any individuals that are needing holsters, so that we can make them the holster and process the dummy gun. I will try to update as we add guns. mlapaglia I will look into the ffl shipping and return. We do have a dealer who can help us out, if you wouldn't mind sending me a message with what gun you are trying to get a mold for. camano ridge we don't have plans for any derringers at the moment. I don't think there is enough demand to offset the price of the mold. If anyone else is reading this and looking for these molds let me know. If we get enough demand and can find the gun we will do most guns. Thanks
  5. We went through our Dummy guns on this question. I will put it like this, it depends on your tolerances for making holsters. For us we have the gun for the holster we are making. Having said that there is a local holster maker that uses the same gun for different 1911s. Between your guns there are a few differences. Height from the bottom of the rail to the top of the slide was bigger on the smith and Wesson. The over all profile on the rail was bigger on the Springfield. The length of the frame is also slightly longer on the Springfield. In our opinion it will be possible if you are not boning the holster super tight. I will include a picture for reference.
  6. Pushing through some 1911 holster molds

  7. As an update we just finished a couple more molds and we have a few more in the works. Kimber Gold Combat RL II w/ ambi safety, ambi mag release, and C&L - This will work to build holsters for any 5" Kimber with a rail (Kimber Warrior, Desert Warrior, TLE RL II, etc..) Kimber Compact Stainless II with Crimson Trace - This will work to build holsters for any 4" non railed Kimber with Crimson Trace grips and should work for non crimson trace models as well, depending on your holster design. (Pro Carry II, Compact II, etc..) In the works are the PMR-30, Full size SR9, Sig 238 cocked and locked, and Kimber Compact Stainless II with ambi safety.
  8. Coop, We currently don't have any plans on the LCP/ Crimson Trace. Blue Guns has one available with the Crimson Trace in production.(We don't feel that the modifications we add are needed in this gun) If there is enough demand we have an LCP with the Lazermax that we can make a mold from.
  9. As a status update the one gun we couldn't find, that is next on the list is the Keltec PMR 30
  10. Thanks for the offers guys. I believe this order is filled. Thank you Jared
  11. Angelus acrylic. And appreciate the compliments.
  12. A couple 1911 5" rough out holsters that seemed to catch the eye.
  13. A local guitar player has requested a strap for his guitar. Unfortunately this does not fall into our expertise. He is trying to get an old time guitar strap similar to something Merle Haggard would have. He would like buck stitching, his name stamped or tooled across etc.. for contact information send us a pm and we will be glad to pass along his information. thanks for your time Jared
  14. Thanks for all the input guys. I can assure you that as time goes by I am trying to get a better mold of anything that isn't produced for cocked and locked. And as we update our list I will update this one. I appreciate everyone giving input and suggestions. Thank you, Jared
  15. I wanted to add a few things first this picture as an example of the work we do using these holster molds. I would love to have 1911s and as we get the chance we certainly will. Anyone in Southern MO or Northern AR can contact us with guns they would like to have molded. We will work something out. If anyone has any other questions about these feel free to ask. Thanks Jared
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