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  1. Is anyone familiar with the older Osborne Harness Needles? I would like to find John James that are equal or close to the size that I like the best. I have tried the new Osborne and I am not happy with them. The egg eye is smaller and it takes forever to thread the needle. The package says Egg Eye, Quantity 25, JJ, No. 3. I think that I bought these back in the late 80's or early 90s. The packs do not say gauge or length.
  2. Thank you! I did not even think of using my dremel. I will do it this way.
  3. I do, yes. I guess I was thinking that a sharp edge would be left, but I can always file that down.
  4. Thank you all! Is there a certain place to cut the spring or anywhere along it's coil? High tension is an understatement! I cannot even put my finger under it at the most "loose" tension.
  5. I am learning to use my Pfaff 331. It has the roller foot on it. The machine is the 331-33, which came with the presser foot and it's presser bar. Somewhere along the line it was changed to a 331-4 with the roller foot and presser bar that goes with it. The manual shows no difference in the springs for these different presser bars. I cannot seem to get the pressure to lighten up enough to not put tracks in the leather as it sews. I have tried unscrewing the nut on top until it is just on with the first few threads and it does not seem to make that much of a difference. If the leather is smooth, it is going to get a design in it whether it likes it or not. I cannot move the roller attachment higher up on the bar because there is a little bar stopping it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to change this? Most replacement parts are obsolete for this machine, but I have found a few select ones like the outer spring for the bar and the presser bar and components for a presser foot (but no presser foot). I have not ordered anything yet. Besides this issue, I really have no complaints. She sews a nice stitch with 69 and 92 thread.
  6. Thank you. I will do that.
  7. Thank you. It is local and she said that I can come and test it out. Is there anything that I should be looking at in particular to check out an older machine?
  8. Does anyone have any information on the Pfaff 331? I can find very, very little online. Manuals are not available. There is one video of someone working on one, but they are not saying anything about the machine. I found one for sale locally and wonder if it is worth investing in for things like horse blanket repair and light leather goods. Will parts be impossible to find? Thank you in advance!
  9. I would like to find someone who can shorten a pair of western stirrup leathers. I do not have the tools to remove and replace the existing rivets. Fenders are youth size roughout leather from a barely used saddle. Please PM if you have time to help. I am located in VA, but will ship if needed. There are no local shops. Thank you in advance.
  10. I have two large bins with rolls of high quality leather tanned in England. Colors range from Dark Havana, newmarket, to london. Bridle, rein, and stirrup weights. These are the butt leathers of the highest quality. In these bins are also a couple sheepskins, roo-hides. There are are matching lightweight lining strips for some of the leather. I was going to be making halters. I also have the solid brass halter hardware and the stainless steel stirrup buckles. I am open to offers. There is well over 1k worth of hides and materials here. I just moved to PA, so everything is packed up in bins. If interested, please email tielz1@hotmail.com
  11. I have already moved. The machine is in West Alexander, PA now.
  12. The drawers and splitter do not convey. Clean and only a few hours on the machine. Open to reasonable offers. Buyer to arrange and pay shipping.
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