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  1. Looking for ideas or a pattern to make a wall mount rack to hold all my wooden handled tools like edgers and stitching groovers and such. Has anyone made one before? If so could you share some ideas or pictures of what you came up with? Currently all my wooden handled tools are in a box I have to rummage threw to find what I need. Thought of making a wall mount rack that I could put them in so it would be easier to find what I am looking for. Thanks in advance for any help with this. John
  2. Hi I was wondering if anyone has ever made an all leather guitar case before? If so is there a pattern out there anywhere? Also if anyone has made one. What thickness of leather did you use? Was there any type of stiffener used? Just anything you can tell me would help. But finding a full sized pattern that I can buy would be the best. Thank you. John
  3. Thanks for the info it worked. Si I came up with a tab like I used on top of quiver for the bottom. It has a hole that the strap can be attached straight to the bottom if the belt is not wanted or it also has a loop that the belt can go threw and the strap then gets attached to the belt. So it can be worn with the belt or not. It's all made of 8-9 oz leather but the straps are 5-6 oz. John The back was stitched and then covered by lacing over it.
  4. Here you can see how the stitches had to over lap the rolled suede in a hex pattern on the inside. If I would have started the stitches in the other direction or from the other side I would have hade the hex on the outside and the straight part of the stitch on the inside. But like I said trial and error. But honestly it doesn't get in the way at all and when you get past the bottom part being stitched on where the face begins it's a normal stitch and will not go over the edge of the suede. Now I plan on putting a 1 1/2 inch strap around the helmet covering the stitch line down the center and around the helmet where the bottom is sewed on and that or those will be riveted on so you won't see any of the stitches on the outside. Like I said this was a trial and error piece so next one will be the real one that I will make nicer. More pictures as I get it done. Finally figured out how to resize my pictures so I can upload them. Send from phone to email. John P.S I cut the corners off the suede and punched a hole in the ends for some lace.
  5. Here you can see stitching the bottom part on. I didn't finish the front edge cause I will have to trim that a little and won't be hard to touch up after.
  6. Here you can see the hammering done to the leather.
  7. Here is the outside of the helmet with a lower bottom piece.
  8. here is the suspension system after rolling it down and up inside Here you can see how the second row of stitches line up
  9. More pictures as soon as I can get them to load in here. Here is the inside. This is all 8-9 oz leather.
  10. I did find one place that does sell a downloadable helmet pattern. armortemplates.com. This is a pattern for making a steel helmet not a leather one. They call it a wraith helmet but it can be made in alot of different ways. Now it has no info on making any type of suspension system in it. So I came up with my own way. Started by using a piece of 8-9 oz leather 1 1/2 wide strap on the inside of helmet. Then put two rows of stitches at the bottom edge. One row to sew to helmet the other for the suspension system. Now what I used was the pattern for making the helmet body and cut two pieces of suede leather.Now that should be sewed to the bottom row of stitches. So I went from the top and and lined the suede up with the lower row and sewed it on. ended up over lapping by 3 stitch holes on either end. now I rolled the leather down over the bottom edge and over where I stitched it. Then it will get pushed up inside to make the suspension. When that is done and it's rolled under the top row of stitches are exposed so you can stitch it in. Now I threw this together not cairing how it came out. Just wanted to see if I could do it or not. So instead of back grounding the leather I hit it with a ball pin hammer. Now I did have a hard time trying to dish the sides so maybe the next one will come out better.
  11. Vampyleather thank you for the reply. It's funny you mention that about the plastic helmet. I had the same idea and looked them up and actually found the same helmet to. Only thing is the body of the helmet is all one piece and being a costume would be small. I was hoping someone here had tried to make a helmet before and might have some suggestions or be willing to draw up a pattern to sell. Infact I want to do a few different ones. The great helmet, the helmet I have pictured, and a spangen helmet not sure if I am saying that last one right. If someone wants to draw up some patterns for sale let me know. But they would need to be made for a 23 in head size.. Those are just a couple I thought of could do a couple more. Let me know. John
  12. Sorry forgot to add. The Tandy Great helmet pattern. Is a costume helmet. Not made the way a real would be. Yes I would make them with just there suspension systems in them. I really would like some help with making this helmet I should a picture of. One the top of the helmet is wider then the bottom. That I can't seem to draw up right. Plus not knowing what the bottom circumference should be. John
  13. fredk thank you for the reply. So with padding and suspension allowances the bottom circumference should be 32.9 inches? Wow didn't think it would be that big. I would like to say I thought it would make for some interesting leather projects. I was thinking if I can get the patterns I would make a few different styles of medieval helmets all normal size and wearable if wanted but mostly for display. Now of course a leather helmet would not be what a knight would want to wear in battle but I did want to make them the same way as if they were made of steel. And if it all works out I will have a nice display of medieval helmets made of leather and as accurate as possible. So I understand this right. The hemet itself will only have the suspension system in it? John
  14. This would all be easy to make if I knew how much bigger then my head size I have to make it for pad and suspension system. Like I said my head is 23 in around. So...anyone know how much I add to the head size also the suspension system Not sure how that is made either. Any helmets I can make would only be for looks anyway but do want to know how one sizes them up when making a pattern. Anyone know? John
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