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  1. trent

    Dn 2000

    I have a DN 2000 lockstitch for sale in KY. Very clean and works very well. cans send pics or you can come see and use it.
  2. trent

    Wtb Ice Skate Or Boot Riveter

    I may be able to help you in lexington, KY are you going to keep it or sell it? Just kidding i know where there is some stuff in storage. I don't know much about them but I can send pictures and you can make your own decision. I don't mind helping but don't hustle me
  3. trent

    Men's Dress Shoes

    Want to buy men’s older traditional style dress shoes for resale in shop (new, slightly used, store returns) and dress shoe laces. Does anybody have any for sale or do you know of a shoe broker, jobber or anyone that has any for sale Also, does anyone know of a shoe store or shoe repair shop that has closed or is going out of business that has an inventory of men's dress shoes and dress shoe laces for sale?
  4. trent

    Apex Staples

    Does anyone know where I can get apex staples?