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  1. thanks Richard. I figured it had to at least be his design. Whoever did this put a lot of detail in it. The shirt pocket, etc. are very distinct.
  2. This tri-leg leather seat came in today for conditioning. It was inherited by a friend of mine. I was admiring the work and noticed the brand on the calf. Might this be an early carving from Al Stohlman? Is anybody familiar with how he signed his work? Thanks in advance-Janet
  3. I had a request today from a rodeo queen contestant. She has some beautiful show chaps that unfortunately bunch up or "gap" right in front of her pockets when she sits in the saddle. She says this will cost her points and asked if I could help. Short of putting in some darts, how could I get this excess leather under control? Is the waist too high maybe? Can anyone suggest a fix? Thanks in advance-Janet
  4. I also have some packets of needles and awls that go with it.
  5. I was asked if the wheel turns by hand and the needle/awl moves--yes. And yes, offers considered. I priced this based on what little market data I could find. I hate to sell this to a scrap metal place....
  6. Now able to attach photos.
  7. Correction of terminology. Per my talented husband, he can palletize it, not crate it for that price. He estimates shipping weight at 500 pounds, but we have no facility to weigh it where it sits.
  8. As is. I don't know if this runs or not. I was told it came from the shop of Art Vancore, a well known saddlemaker in California. we really need the shop space so this project needs a new home. Asking $550.00 and will crate it for that price. You arrange shipping or pickup between Hollister and Gilroy, CA. It is very heavy! Please email me to request photos, they exceed the attachment limit here.
  9. JW, thank you for your input. It gives me the needed confidence to proceed with oil. Bruce, thanks also to you for expanding on the process. I am wondering if the RM Williams leaves the nap of the roughout kinda smoothed down, or if it absorbs too? I was surprised that the nap fluffed up so much when I cleaned this saddle. Regards, Janet
  10. Hello, I recently picked up a Dave Silva rough-out saddle in need of cleaning, conditioning, stirrup leathers and new sheepskin. Under the dirt and bald spots it is a really well-made rig. I am fine with the relining work, assembly, etc. but do not have experience with rough-out saddles. I cleaned it with liquid castile soap, a nail brush and plenty of rinse water. But now I'm not sure how to apply oil or other conditioner without getting a blotchy result, a major dirt magnet, and a year of oily riding jeans. The fenders and seat jockeys are lined so I can't just oil from the backside. I was thinking of applying olive oil or maybe #1 saddle oil through an airbrush. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance, Janet Silicon Valley Leather Guild (Hi Bruce!)
  11. I am selling a hand clicker press for a former leather guild member whose health is declining. Asking $500. The business end is a round plate about 11 inches in diameter. The plastic cutting pad is about 12 inches diameter. There is also a metal frame stand that brings it up to working height. For local pickup near Gilroy, California. This thing is heavy, so bring some muscle. It will take two strong folks to load. Please send inquiries to: Janet_Norris_2000@Yahoo.com I've created a public photo album on my Facebook page that contains photos of the press and stand. Here is a link: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=178685&id=817682471&l=316c1ebd32
  12. 4/2 The machine is sold, paid for, the foreign check FINALLY cleared and the machine is shipped. Thanks for your interest. -Janet
  13. Hi Horizon, I have accepted an international check that will take some time to clear. So technically it is sold--the deal isn't totally finished, but I expect it will go through. If you are really looking for an Aerostitch I know of another one that is not really for sale, but I bet a good offer would buy it. It would likely take a lot more than I was asking for this one. Thanks for your interest, Janet
  14. 3/2: Sale pending. I will update to sold when transaction is completed. Thank you for your interest.--Janet
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