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  1. @Jakeline If you don't want to scratch anything you could build something like that. I used 4 furniture feet which can be adjusted in heigth and a wooden panel. It's a clean and quite cheap solution.
  2. Hello, can somebody identify that sewing machine? It looks quite cool and heavy duty but I can't find any information about the producer. Thank you for your help. Regards
  3. Thank you for the help. I don't think that somebody modified the machine. Like Uwe showed, it seems that they produced it like that. If it's possible at all to change the stitch length it seems to be very much work if Constabulary is right. Probably that's not the right machine for me even if the machine itself doesn't seem to be very expensive. A new one like that would for sure cost a small fortune.
  4. Hello, probably one of the specialists can help me. Is there a way to adjust the stitch length at that kind of machine or is it fix? Thank you in advance. Regards
  5. Thank you for your help. The shops I found who can order the original part are stunningly expensive like Uwe wrote. I asked somebody who welds and solders but he wasn't sure if it would work because it could be hardened material. A used part in working condition would be fine, too.
  6. Hello, can somebody help me. I need a needle plate for a Pfaff 595 (post bed machine). If somebody knows a source with a quite reasonable price I would be thankful. Regards Oakley
  7. I think that's not a real walking foot machine. Compare it to walking foot machines like the Pfaff 145 or Pfaff 1245 they have two alternating feet and are much better for leatherwork. Unfortunately they are most likely more expensive. It always depends on the price but i would choose another machine.
  8. I'm going to sell this hand operated leather cutter. It's nearly in perfect condition, shows only little signs of use. It can cut even sole leather and the hardest veg tanned hides very easily. Shipping only within Europe. If somebody is interested please write me a short message. Price: 240€+shipping
  9. You can also use suede or leather which is a bit rough. That works for me quite well, even on glass tables.
  10. It seems that the blade is broken or grinded down too much.
  11. What's the temperature range the professional fileteuse edge creasers have? I think there's another way to get a professional tool for much less than 700$
  12. I think you loosened the upper thread tension a little bit too much, try to increase it step by step. If that doesn't work you could decrease the lower thread tension a bit, but I always try to use the upper thread tension first.
  13. I have/had a few similar machines. In Germany they are called Rodi and were made by Rafflenbeul. I don't know how much they are in the US but I think $75,00 is quite a lot. I think Mr. Bruce Johnson is absolutely right, this machine will always mark your leather. I wouldn't try to grind the groves away, some of them don't transport too good with grooves, without I think it doesn't work at all. These machines work well only with thick leather, even with a sharp knife. I would have a look first if you can get a blade with the right measurements and how much it is, if you really want to buy it, some of the parts are quite expensive or don't fit to the old machines.
  14. I'm not sure if there's a tannery, but of course wholesaler. If you google you find a lot of them, I think that most of the big ones can order exotics, too. In Germany for example I found http://www.lederhandel-schwemann.de/ they sell gators, crocs, snakes... I don't know where you're from, but if you are willing to pay, you can get them without a problem. Just call one, I think they have it or can tell you another adress.
  15. Here are two sellers in Germany which sell exotic leathers. I never bought there anything, but both have a quite good assortment. http://bladesandmore.de // http://www.tierpraeparator.de/
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