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  1. Do you make these for sale?
  2. Do you make these for sale?
  3. It's getting pink in the east time to get up and watch a bronc leave the ground. The other brand for the book is a quarter circle bar quarter circle. )-( Thanks Andy I love mine.


  4. Thanks Alan! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to you. You are right about the puzzled looks when "punchers" here see a reata. I don't use one either though, all that I have made are hanging either here in the house or in the saddle house. I have one that would be perfect for bosals cores as well, all 80' of it. I know that I am getting very close to having it right just want to really feel comfortable about making one so if Mike or Cindy isn't there looking over my shoulder I know I can still do it. Your gear really looks good in the photo. There sure is a good feeling when riding a good horse that you know someone hasn't ruined with nice tack. You can really be proud of everything I can see here that you made. I think Mike's reata roping days are something of the past, but he is still one heck of a braider and also a great teacher as well. Cindy's mother passed away this past weekend just in case you happened to talk to her anytime soon. I look forward to getting to visit or come down and meet with you again. It will be nice to know another braider that isn't so far away. Maybe you can teach me a thing or two about reata roping too.
  5. Last one! [attac hment=28701:Idaho_2008_053.jpg]
  6. Thanks for your reply Alan. I am going to see Mike and Cindy in September for my annual rawhide tutoring. I think you are right, I was at the very first seminar and did not attend the second one. At the Beaver's which is also a non-formal class I have made 4 reatas which was what I was interested in. As you know they are tough and not for the beginner so until I make one that I feel is exactly what I feel is the best I can do I will continue to try them. Did you attend the first OKC seminar too? I take that back my first year I made a quirt at their deal too. Been too many years to remember I guess. I didn't know that Nate and Lehland had classes. We will have to stay in touch and I look forward to meeting you again. Your bosal piece on here was just GREAT! I do believe I would spend some time at your place learing how to perfect one of those. Here is a photo of the last reata I made in Idaho. It is a 4x8 with a San Juan honda, and the honda is about all you can really see in the picture. I will see if I can find some more. Thanks again. Robb
  7. Alan I am new to this website and have been going through it all weekend. It is great! I was at the TCAA braiding seminar with Mike Beavers, Nate Wald, Lehland Hensely, as well as the Argentine and Australian braiders. We had to have met. I sat by Mike's wife Cindy both days. I have braided off and on for at least 15 years and spend one week a year in Idaho at the Beaver's home braiding. They have helped me make some really neat gear. I found this post and wondered if you had ever started your braiding class? I live about 3 hours west of the Metroplex and am a rancher by trade. I saw where there were a couple of people interested in meeting up with you and getting some help with their braiding and I would love to do the same. I know this thread is over a year old, but maybe there still is some interest. I read through your post on braiding the nose button and just wanted to compliment you on how informative it was and of course how good it looked when finished. I hope Rawhidelady and some of the other Texans are still around this site, maybe we can all do some braiding together. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks. Robb
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