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  1. Stuck in California!!! The LONG commute!

  2. It ain't done until the edges are finished...

    1. Sylvia


      AMEN!!, I would go a step further and say it ain't done until the back and edges are finished. but that's just me.

  3. TGIF! wha what overtime...awwww

    1. LNLeather


      More work + more money = more leather!

  4. Why does summer have to be so gosh durned hot?!

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    2. Sylvia


      LOL... I suppose it could be worse...

    3. chancey77


      Maybe you just stepped in it...but you did opped to live in AZ. Come on over for a visit...it's 55 here:) LOLOL OUTSIDE! SUCKS TO BE YOU:)

    4. chancey77



  5. Why does summer have to be so gosh durned hot?!

  6. On a deadline. 3/4 of the way done!

  7. Wish I was up north at Sheridan!

  8. Friday brought to you by the support of Monday, Tuesday, wednesday and Thursday. TGIF!

  9. Holsters, belts and bike pouches. So much to do and as always not enough time.

    1. chancey77


      I feel ya! Maybe you can borrow this! I need it from time to time to!

  10. Time to call it... Helloooooo long weekend!

  11. Stitched a 48"lined belt in the time it took my honey to mix a cake. I love my Cobra-4 =P

  12. lack of sleep...lack of coffee...where is the morning reset button?

  13. Too much to do and too little time to do it...

    1. Sylvia


      what a predicament!

  14. Building on yesterdays momentum!

  15. Working the day job. Such great weather outside it is hard to stay focused. Oooooh shiny!

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    2. Sylvia


      LOL @ WinterBear. That should go on a T-shirt

    3. WinterBear


      I can't take credit for it though. It was from a comic strip someone sent me about a raccoon.

    4. Sylvia
  16. Cleaning up the mess I made in just a few short days.

    1. Sylvia


      LOL it's funny how things get all discombobulated after a while

    2. Ladykahu


      I can't work without a certain amount

      of clutter around me. A blank clean worktable

      dries up my creativeness

  17. Sewing and a grinning!

    1. Sylvia


      You lucky sew-in-sew. Don't run over your finger!

  18. Waiting for stamping tools I ordered at Wickenburg

  19. Hey there Mr Bentley!

  20. Whew. All is well..


    1. Sylvia
    2. LNLeather


      What Happened?

    3. TTcustom


      I broke the needle on my new Cobra 4 and the machine did not come with the extras. it was also missing parts. Emailed Steve, he will make it right

  22. Just got back from Florida and Setting up new cobra 4 machine today

  23. upcoming biz trip to Florida

  24. Working for the Man but thinking about being in the saddle.

  25. A rare day off time to work on my personal projects

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