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  1. Battlemunky. yeah,, the liner is completely glued to the outside. I think the problem is one of design. As Chuck, above, referenced. It is the filling of the pockets that are causing the sides to swell, and hence causing the curve in the spine when the wallet is closed. I may have reached the size limits on this design. thanks for cogitating on it for me. Joel
  2. Thanks for the replies, both Klara and chuck, and battlemunky. Chuck, I think you may have hit the reason for the bend. I too believe, since you mentioned it. That there is no support in the area of the back that is bending. And when cards are inserted the wallet tends to stretch in that area. But when it closes the stretched area, is still stretched, and that causes the perceived bend. hummmm, by George, now how to fix this design problem???. thanks everyone! Joel
  3. I have been using it in front and back pockets. it has traveled in my back pocket or front from Denver to Atlanta Georgia. It’s been sweated on and tossed on a table many times. it has 6 credit card size plastic cards in it. A couple of folded US dollars and some paper receipts in it. just edc types of items. what I’m wondering, is why it bends the way it does. is it a design flaw? Or is the bend just the result of the wallet style? I built this small wallet in a rush because I had a big trip coming up and I wanted to test the design. It is small enough for front Levi, and cargo shorts type pockets. But tends to get lost in back pockets. It does fit in some camp type shirt pockets also. I did find some things that need changing,,,, but the bend in the back has me perplexed. thanks Joel
  4. Here is a picture of a trial sample of a wallet I made and have been carrying in my back pocket, for about two months. notice the distortion on the back side due to the wallet having cards and a few papers in it. would anyone have an idea on how to prevent this distortion? other than not putting cards and money in the wallet? thanks Joel
  5. GrampaJoel

    I made a hat

    I like the original one best,,, as dieselpunk style. The second one doesn’t look dieselpunk as much. IMO. Sure the crown on the first one is a bit wonky,,,,but in dieselpunk ,,,, a lot of the style is wonky. nice work, just the same! Joel
  6. That’s a nice improvement!
  7. For a first wallet I’d say it’s usable. Not a fancy big name quality, but definitely usable. So here’s some of my observations. I noticed them because I often struggle with them. 1. your stitching iron is to large for your thread., or viceversa 2. your leather looks to soft for this style of wallet. 3.use a punch for round types of holes. ( finger hole) Then cut to connect them. 4 straight corners will always bend or droop. 5. Soft leather will stretch every time. And take away from the overall esthetic of the project if not supported with a stiffener. not a critique, but a observation,,from a fellow leather destroyer.
  8. SOLD!! Thanks everyone for your interest. Joel
  9. This splitter is in a(pending funds) sale. next in line to purchase is Rossr, then JHLeatherwood. I will not mail this item until the PayPal account notifies me the funds are available. The total cost including shipped is $317.00 the buyer safety guarantee of PayPal can reverse your funds if needed. But I cannot reverse the mailed item if I’m not paid. I won’t ship the splitter until the PayPal notifies my that the funds are available. I also won’t withdraw the funds from PayPal until I ship the splitter and notify the buyer with tracking number and expected delivery date. I’m sorry I have to be this way. But shipping a $317.00 item out of my pocket to an unknown person is beyond my risk point. on bigger items like this splitter I’m not willing to chance ripped off. sorry Joel
  10. To add. for those inquiring, The priority shipping box size for all three books is about $17.00 actually $16.00 plus change. I hope this info. helps.
  11. Price reduced to $300.00 plus shipping to lower 48 states. From Southern California.
  12. Bump For those still interested. $125 for the three books. Plus shipping to lower 48 states from Southern California.
  13. Lowered to $90.00 plus shipping from Southern California to lower 48 states only.
  14. Still available.$125 for the three book set. Plus shipping to lower 48. From SOCAL.
  15. Any book pictured here for $20.00 plus shipping to lower 48 states. pm me if interested. Joel
  16. Here are the books left. Cowboys complete saddle making $95.00 plus shipping. making and repairing $50.00 plus shipping. saddle savvy DVD complete set plus CHAP making dvd $60.00 plus shipping. I have a few others I’ll list later tonight.
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