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  1. Can you share info on how one would even begin to do tooling like that. For a noob like me, I would love to just know where to begin. It is stunning.
  2. Like so many others, I just wanted to say how amazed I am with your work. Now, beware the noob... I had a question about the grind on the plough gauge blade. It looks like a convex grind that's about a half inch wide. Is that correct? Is it the same on both sides? Curious if it's flat on the side towards the fence and convex on the other. I'm going off of this picture for the grinding terms: If it's not too off-topic, are there any nice discussions about how round knife edges are ground? It's hard to see in 2D pictures. It seems like the cheaper ones have parallel faces and double bevel edge with a taper that goes in about 1/16th or so. That doesn't seem ideal. On some more expensive ones, it looks like it may be flat or convex on both sides.
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